Living Green Guide

Alternative Transportation

  • Bring a bike to campus – CSU and Fort Collins are very bike friendly. In fact over 80% of students living in the residence halls bring their bikes to campus. Register your bike with CSUPD and check out campus bike info and the CSU Bike Library
  • Ride the bus – your RamCard student ID is your free pass on the Transfort bus system, the CSU shuttle, Around the Horn, and MAX
  • Zipcar – a car sharing service, is now available at CSU. Please visit the ZipCar website for pricing and more information on the program.
  • Carpool
  • CSU Bicycle Rental service offers year long rentals with included maintenance for CSU Students, Faculty & Staff.
  • PACE offers flexible bicycle rental locations around Fort Collins. Discounts for students, pay per ride or monthly for unlimited rides.

Energy & Resource Conservation

  • Check out the Interactive Green Room to learn simple tips for making your residence hall room more eco-friendly
  • Turn off lights and electronics when you leave your room
  • Take shorter showers to conserve water
  • Never leave the water running while brushing your teeth
  • Buy Energy Star appliances and electronics (computers, laptops, microfridges, lamps, etc.)
  • Recycle
  • Unplug laptop and cell phone charges from the wall when not in use to help prevent phantom energy loads.

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