Executive Director of Housing & Dining Services

Housing & Dining Services
Reporting directly to the Vice President of Student Affairs, this position is responsible for all facets of Housing & Dining Services (HDS), which is the largest department on a campus housing more than 8,000 students. The Executive Director oversees Residence Life, Apartment Life, Dining Services, CSU Mountain Campus, Conference & Event Services, Housing & Dining Services Facilities, Technology Services, RamCard Office, and Administration… View Details

Dining Services
Admin Professional/ Research Professional
This position exists to provide Lory Dining Services with the ability and leadership to be dynamic in development of emerging coffee and food service trends that meet the needs of the campus community. Duties include compliance with Environmental Health Services and state of Colorado rules and regulations, development and implementation of new menu items and updating standard operating procedu… View Details Bookmark
Residence Life
Admin Professional/ Research Professional
Responsibilities associated with this student-centered position may include the following: creating connections and implementing a student development program within a residence hall/residential complex of approximately 400-900 students; selecting, training, supervising and evaluating graduate and undergraduate student staff; coordinating a Residential Learning Community (RLC) with staff, stud… View Details Bookmark
Residential Dining
State Classified
Fully operational cook preparing/producing foods from an established preprinted menu and standardized recipes. Responsible for quality, quantity and appearance of foods prepared/served. View Details Bookmark
Residential Dining
State Classified
The position is designed as a temporary training level position. This position trains to become a Production Baker to assist bakers in a fully operational bakeshop in preparing bakery goods using standard recipes and basic bakery skills. Additionally, cross-train and perform duties in all areas of the operation. This is a transitional position to a trained DSII Production Baker if desired by… View Details Bookmark

Apartment Life

Employment with Apartment Life affords staff members with the opportunity to build career and life skills including:

  • Building community
  • Leadership skills
  • Developing intercultural competencies
  • Critical thinking and communication
  • Student development
  • Program development

Apartment Life offers a variety of employment opportunities and approximately 40 positions are available each year. Some positions are live-in and other positions are hourly. All staff members receive supervision and extensive required training to serve as resources for our apartment life residents.

Our annual selection process begins in January.

Hourly positions and positions that open outside of our annual selection process will be posted on JobX. To apply and view open positions throughout the year go to your RAMweb portal and visit the jobs link. Positions are also listed in apartment area weekly calendars. Questions regarding employment should be directed to sst.apartmentlife@gmail.com.

Conference & Event Services

Work on the beautiful CSU main campus! Both year-round and seasonal positions are available. All positions offer real-life experience in customer service, event planning, project management, tourism, and hospitality. On-campus room and board is included for our Guest Services Team members during the summer season (May-August).

For more information about student positions please email conferences@colostate.edu today!

Mountain Campus

Live and work at the beautiful CSU Mountain Campus, located 53 miles west of Fort Collins at 9,000 feet!

For more information about student and non-student positions call (970) 491-4747 or visit the Mountain Campus Employment Page.
For detailed position descriptions go to mountaincampus.colostate.edu/position-descriptions

Housing & Dining Services Facilities

Housing & Dining Services Facilities hires students for work during the academic year and during the summer conference season from May until mid-August. Offerings for summer positions take place during March and April. Salaries range from $9.30 per hour up to $15.00 per hour based on skill level.

  • Maintenance
  • Environmental Services
  • Warehouse
  • Moving Crew
  • Administrative Positions

Residence Life

Student Leadership

As a student living in the residence halls, get involved with Housing & Dining Services through student leadership opportunities.

Student Employment

There are year round opportunities to work for Residence Life. These are great opportunities to work for and  help current and future Rams.

Residential Dining Services

Hungry for some extra Dough?

Residential Dining services has several hourly and student positions available at our six on-campus dining centers. These are very flexible positions that tailor your shifts to fit your class schedule, are steps away from your classes, and allow you to work with friends!

  • Dining Services has some of the most competitive wages on campus, starting from $10.20 / hr all the way up to $16.00!
  • Every semester you return with us, you get a 50 cent raise!
  • Dining Employees also receive a free meal for every 3 hour shift you work!

Working for Dining, you will gain practical work experience and skills to take you beyond the food service industry. There are several promotional opportunities and areas of advancement available as well, see below!

Come work for Dining and enhance your college experience!

Dining Services Hourly Employment

CSU Residential Dining Services is excited to announce several openings for hourly positions at our six on-campus dining centers; up to 40 hours per week. Earn extra spending money, meet new people, gain valuable work experience, and build your resume. Duties may include, but are not limited to, food preparation, serving, dish washing, and/or inventory control.

Housing & Dining Services Facilities Hourly Employment

Housing & Dining Services Facilities hires students for work during the academic year and during the summer conference season from May until mid-August. Offerings for summer positions take place during March and April. Salaries range from $10.20 per hour up to $15.00 per hour based on skill level.

Housing & Dining Services Facilities Positions

  • Maintenance
  • Environmental Services
  • Warehouse
  • Moving Crew
  • Administrative Positions