Residence Hall & Apartment Printing

Residents can utilize printers located in central locations within each hall and apartment area.

Print Program Overview

  • $0.03 per page in Black and White
  • $0.12 per page in color
  • Duplex printing gets a 25% discount from the prices listed above.
  • Manage your account, add credit, transfer funds, request refunds, utilize Web Print option through Papercut
  • After sending a job to the print queue each job needs to be released at a network printer location to be printed and billed
  • Print jobs not released within one hour will be dropped by and deleted from the print server
  • Check the billing via your device before releasing to make sure your job was submitted correctly

  • How to Print

    1. Go to and use your eID for your username and your eID password then click Log in.
      PaperCut login screen
    2. Once logged in, click on “Web Print” in the menu on the left side of the screen.
      PaperCut menu
    3. To upload a document to print, click the green “Submit a Job” button.
      PaperCut's "Submit a Job" button
    4. To print to the printer in your residence hall or apartment, select the radio button next to “housingprint\Residence Hall Printers(virtual)” then click the green “Print Options and Account Selection” button.
      PaperCut's printer selection screen
    5. Click the green “Upload Documents” button then on the next page click “Upload from computer” to choose the document you want to print. Then click “Upload and complete” to send your job to the print queue.
      PaperCut's Upload Documents button
      PaperCut's file selection screen
      PaperCut's Upload and Complete button
    6. If the job uploads successfully you the “Status” will show as “Held in Queue”. Select “Submit a Job” to upload another document.
      PaperCut's printing summary page
    7. Once your job is in the queue, you may go to the front desk of your residence hall or apartment and release the job using your own device by printing via the printer located at the desk. See the front desk staff for assistance.
    8. If you run into any issues during this process, please see the troubleshooting section below for tips.

  • Troubleshooting

    If you run into an issue while using WebPrint through PaperCut, please gather the following information and submit a work order to our helpdesk

      1. Where in the process are you experiencing the issue? E.G. are you trying to upload a document to print or did you submit a job from the print kiosk and it didn’t print.
      2. What type of document (.docx, PDF, .xlsx, .ppt, etc) are you trying to print and how many pages is it?
      3. Is this a color document or black and white?
      4. What have you done to try and resolve it? Have you tried printing again, did you upload the document in a different format, have you tried a different printer, did you check to make sure you submitted it to the right print queue?”

  • Request Refund

    1. Go to and use your eID for your username and your eID password then click Log in.
      PaperCut login screen
    2. Once Logged in, click on “Recent Print Jobs” from the menu on the left.
      PaperCut's menu
    3. In the list of jobs, find the one you need a refund for and select “request refund” under Status.
      Print summary screen
    4. You will be presented with a Refund Request page. Select “Full amount” or “Partial Amount” then provide a reason for the request and click send.
      Refund request screen

Still Having Troubles?