Residence Hall Printing

Residents can utilize printers located in central locations within each hall.

Print Program Overview

  • $0.04 per page in Black and White
  • $0.12 per page in color
  • 25% discount for duplex printing
  • Manage your account, add credit, transfer funds, request refunds, utilize Web Print option through Papercut
  • After sending a job to the print queue each job needs to be released at a print station to be printed and billed
  • Print jobs not released within one hour will be dropped by and deleted from the print server
  • Check the billing at the print release station before releasing to make sure your job was submitted correctly

Print Release Software/Web-Browsing Kiosk

  • The web-browsing kiosks in each residence hall lobby have been configured with the Print Release software
  • Double-click on the Print Release icon on the desktop to launch the Print Release software
  • Log in with your eID
  • If your college is taking part in the central print management program, your quota will be applied to these printers as well as the printers in your lab
  • If you do not currently have a quota in this system, you will need to transfer money from your RamCash account to your print quota before you will be able to print
  • You can transfer funds by visiting the Papercut site and selecting the “Add Credit” link.


How to Print

  1. Open the site in your web browser (please note that you will have to accept the certificate in order to use this site), then log in with your EID
  2. From the Papercut user home page click on “Web Print” from the left side menuPapercut summary page screenshot
  3. Click on “Submit a Job”Papercut web print screenshot
  4. Select the “Residence Hall Printers” virtual queue, and click on “Print Options and Account Selection”Papercut printer options screenshot
  5. If you want to change the number of copies do that now, then click on “Upload Document”
  6. Click on “Choose file”, note that only the listed file types can be printed through this service – any other file types must first be saved as one of these
  7. Select the file to print from your computer, and then click on “Upload and Complete”Papercut upload screenshot
  8. You should then see your print job held in the queue, ready to be released from a designated print release stationPapercut print submission page screenshot


Additional Notes: 

  • Print jobs are held in the queue for 1 hour before being dropped, so you must release your print job from a Print Release Station within that timeframe.
  • The Housing Printers do not have a Grayscale option when using the Web Print, so each page will be $0.12 (less a 25% discount for duplex printing).  If you wish to save money by printing in grayscale, you may select the Library BW Printers.