Residential Dining Services

Liz Poore

106 Palmer Center

Lucas Miller

Senior Associate Director of Operations
105 Palmer Center

Jeremy Morgan

Executive Chef
Durrell Center

Brittney Sly, RDN

Nutrition and Wellness Programs Manager
A 127 Academic Village Commons

Tina Kelley

Assistant Manager
Allison Dining Center

David Green

General Manager
The Foundry Dining Center

Jennifer Kennedy

General Manager
Durrell Dining Center

Mitzi South

Catering and Conferences Manager

Michael Neener

General Manager
Ram’s Horn Dining Center

Carol See

General Manager
Braiden Dining Center

Janet Morales-Monroe

Bake Shop Executive Pastry Chef

Joe Hostetler

Procurement Manager

Hungry for some extra Dough?

Residential Dining services has several hourly and student positions available at our six on-campus dining centers. These are very flexible positions that tailor your shifts to fit your class schedule, are steps away from your classes, and allow you to work with friends!

  • Dining Services has some of the most competitive wages on campus, starting from $10.20 / hr all the way up to $16.00!
  • Every semester you return with us, you get a 50 cent raise!
  • Dining Employees also receive a free meal for every 3 hour shift you work!

Working for Dining, you will gain practical work experience and skills to take you beyond the food service industry. There are several promotional opportunities and areas of advancement available as well, see below!

Come work for Dining and enhance your college experience!


Student Crew Member:

Become a valuable team member for Dining! Work with friends and begin to develop real world working experience. Develop communication, customer service, problem solving, and many other skill to take with you up the ladder with dining or onto your professional careers.

Student Work Leader:

Exhibit leadership skills and direct task training in specified areas. Become a trainer in areas and expertise as a leader for other crew members. Develop excellent communication skills with constituents and fellow employees. Performing a variety of unsupervised supportive food service work including, but not limited to: preparing meals, serving food, loading and checking dishware, delivering food, and operating all food service equipment such as deep fryers, char/steam grills, steamers, ovens, slicers, grinders, etc.

Student Trainer:

Train and guide new employees and act as a shift supervisor when needed, while completing all essential paperwork and shift tasks. Exhibit leadership skills and direct task training at all times. Will lead a crew of up to 30 crew members through a shift, exhibiting multitasking and leadership skills.  The position will develop skills of leadership, communication, workplace tasks, and much more!

Student Manager:

Manage the student and non-student hourly staff, as well as supervise day-to-day operations and other duties as assigned by the Unit Manager. The position will train and guide new employees and student trainers as well as insure follow-up training is delivered throughout the duration of employment. Learn a tremendous amount of HR related skills including; hiring and orientating new employees’ year round, disciplinary skills, and leadership abilities in leading a student organization of upwards of 200 student employees!

Our Mission

Deliver an outstanding dining experience crafted by an engaged team dedicated to social and environmental responsibility.

Key Elements

Outstanding Dining Experience: Craft delicious food, Informed and enthusiastic customer service, Clean and inviting environment
Engaged Team: Be empathetic, Encourage and participate in grown opportunities, Be professional, Empowered to make positive changes
Social and Environmental Stewards: Uphold the Principles of Community, Promote the responsible use of resources