Get Your RamCard

RamCard Request Options

  • Option 1: Visit the RamCard Office to request/pick up your RamCard
  • Option 2: Email the RamCard Office to request a distance id request form (additional shipping and handling charges apply)


There is a $25 charge for your first RamCard.  This charge will be billed to your university account.  Students must be admitted and registered for the current semester to be eligible for a RamCard.  Please see the RamCard Policies section below for more information.

  • One original, secure and verifiable photo identification document must be presented to obtain a RamCard. Examples of these include:
    • A passport from any country, or

One of the following U.S. government-issued documents:

    • State photo driver license or driver permit,
    • State-issued photo identification card,
    • Military ID,
    • Employment Authorization Card, or
    • Permanent Resident Card


The first new employee ID (RamCard) may be paid for by the employee’s home department; otherwise, there will be a $25 charge to the employee’s university account.  Before a RamCard can be issued, an active employment status must appear in the CSU Employee section of ARIESweb.  This ARIESweb status usually appears the day after the employee’s new hire information is entered in Oracle and an eID is established.  To have the first RamCard paid for by an employee’s home department, the following information is required when visiting our office:

  • Department name
  • The department Kuali account number and object code the RamCard charge should be billed to (ask your supervisor or department HR staff for this).
  • Supervisor’s name and phone number

Departments will be billed for printed RamCards on a regular basis via an Internal Billing in Kuali.  Employees who do not request department billing at the time the RamCard is issued must request reimbursement from their home department for a RamCard payment.

One original, secure, and verifiable photo identification document must be presented to obtain a RamCard.  Examples of these include:

  • A passport from any country, or

One of the following U.S. government-issued documents:

  • State photo driver license or driver permit,
  • State-issued photo identification card,
  • Military ID,
  • Employment Authorization Card, or
  • Permanent Resident Card

Employees are responsible for the replacement cost of a lost, stolen, damaged, or updated RamCard.

RamPix Photo Upload

Submit a photo of your liking online at Follow the instructions and guidelines for an acceptable RamCard photo. Remember, you may also take your photo and verify a secure, and verifiable photo identification document in the RamCard Office when you visit to request your card.

RamCard Care

There is a replacement fee for lost or damaged cards.

Protect the smart chip in your card

  • Do not leave your RamCard in a smart wallet while simultaneously using a wireless charger
  • Do not punch a hole in your RamCard
  • Avoid getting your RamCard wet

Keep your card in a safe place

  • Do not place your RamCard loosely in your pocket. Sitting on your RamCard repeatedly could cause the RamCard to break
  • Do not let your RamCard go through a washing machine or dryer
  • Do not expose your RamCard extreme heat or cold

Use your RamCard only for its intended purpose

  • Do not use as an ice scraper

RamCard Policies

  • The RamCard is the property of CSU, is issued to cardholder only, and is non-transferable.
  • The RamCard cannot be copied or reproduced without the expressed written consent of the Director of the RamCard Office. This includes any portion of the information on or within the card such as name, identification number, bar code, picture, logos, micro-chip or magnetic stripes. Colorado State University graphic requirements, guidelines, and user responsibility shall apply.
  • Misuse of the RamCard (including but not limited to: mutilation, alteration, or misrepresentation) is a violation of University policy. Card may be revoked at the RamCard Office and the University’s sole discretion.
  • RamCard must be presented upon request at the time of use to obtain services or to establish official University status.
  • RamCard is to be used only by the person to whom it is issued. Only the Cardholder can present the Card for privileges. RamCards will be confiscated if presented by someone other than the Cardholder.
  • You have 7 business days to come in to the RamCard Office to correct any problems concerning value added to your card.
  • All issued replacement RamCards require a new photo.
  • There is a replacement fee for lost, stolen or damaged RamCards. A police report does not waive the replacement fee. The RamCard Office is the primary authority in determining if a replacement fee for a RamCard can be waived. This applies to all circumstances i.e. lost/stolen ID, damaged cards, etc.
  • Money added to RamCards is non-refundable, even if the card is lost, stolen or damaged.

Colorado State University Electronic Photos Policy

Access to and use of official RamCard ID photos must follow the Information Collection and Personal Records Privacy policy of the University.


The Student’s Educational Records section of the Colorado State University’s General Catalogue states that students have certain rights concerning their educational records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, as amended, 20 U.S.C. 1232g et. seq. (FERPA). These rights include: 3. The right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the student’s educational records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. The electronic student identification picture has been determined to be personally identifiable information within the educational record of the student.

Information Collection and Personal Records Privacy

  • Access to and use of official RamCard ID photos are permitted for legitimate educational and business purposes only. Access or use for personal reasons, and any unauthorized access or use, or redistribution, is not permitted.
  • Direct access to the University’s electronic systems that store digital ID photos must be pre-approved in writing by the Vice President for Information Technology, who shall constitute a small, ad hoc committee to review such requests. Requests must be made to the Advisory Committee for Administrative Applications (ACAdA) using the application for such access provided by the Information Systems Department. Considerations for approval shall include the business need for access, especially inherent benefits, a commitment to complying with these policy provisions, including the quality of the protections to be implemented to ensure IT security and privacy, and proper data disposal, and the effort involved in granting access and in implementing such protections.
  • Before access or use, departments are required to provide relevant employees a copy of this policy and ensure they understand these provisions to ensure the protection of the privacy of students and employees.
  • Access and use shall be controlled via an approved login and password as specified in the CSU IT Security Policy.
  • Files containing digital ID photos shall not be copied or shared in any manner except as specifically authorized herein in advance.
  • Viewing digital photographs shall be done in a manner that is discreet, reasonably viewable only by authorized personnel.

Governance of These Policies

The Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC) is responsible for these policies, including adoption, modification, and change. Changes to these policies are to be widely reviewed by the campus, including the University Information Technology Support Services (UITSS) Committee, the Campus IT Security Committee, the Office of the General Counsel, and the Technology Committee for Information and Instructional Planning (TCIIP), prior to being taken to ITEC for their final approval.

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