Internet Connection

Residence hall and University apartment residents can connect to CSU and Internet resources via a wired or wireless connection. Access to the Housing networks requires the use of CSU eID username/password credentials.  There is also a limited wireless network available for guests, friends or family while they are visiting.

The following wireless networks are available on Campus: *

  • CSU-net (For CSU Residents, students, faculty, and Staff)

    Your CSU eID gives you access to the fastest most reliable WiFi network on campus. This network is for mobile devices, smartphones, and desktop and laptop computers.

    Connection Instructions:

    • Most modern operating systems will detect the correct settings and just require your eID and eID password to connect. You may need to accept the security certificate for “” to complete the connection.
    • For manual configurations, possible required parameters are:
      • Domain:
      • Network Security: WPA2 Enterprise
      • AES encryption (also may be listed as CCMP)
      • eap(peap) with mschapv2
      • User authentication (not machine)
      • Uncheck ‘Use Windows credentials’
      • Trusted Root Certification Authority: AddTrust Ext. CA Root
      • Accept security certificate for

  • CSU-visitor (For Gaming devices, Streaming Devices, guests, and Friends and Family)

    This is an open wireless network for use by gaming devices, streaming devices, guests, and friends and family. This network detects the device type and applies a policy based on that type. Gaming and streaming devices are put into groups which remove any bandwidth restrictions. The gaming group also gives the device a public IP address to allow live chat and other gaming related features. For a more secure gaming or streaming connection, use the wired network provided in your residence.

    Connection Instructions:

    • This is an open WiFi network, just select the network on your device and it should connect. After connecting, open a web browser on your device and go to a webpage that is not your homepage to test your connection.

  • eduroam (International network for participating institutions)

    This is the international network for participating institutions. The network is a secure and encrypted WPA2 Enterprise network for affiliates of international educational institutions. Stations will send authentication requests to users’ home institution.

    Connection Instructions:
    Set up now

*For University Village information click here.

Technology Services Help Desk

Monday – Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
(970) 491-4734

Residence Halls

  • In the residence halls expect to see sets of jacks on the wall that contain your data jacks. The data jacks will be the colored jacks (typically blue, but may be orange in the Academic Village).
  • Connect your ethernet cable to the network jack and your computer’s network connection.
  • Once your computer is connected, open a web browser. You will be redirected to and asked to sign in using your eID and ePassword.
  • Follow the instructions on the resulting page.

Aggie Village Family

  • These apartments are equipped with “hospitality” style access points – they are mounted on the wall in the living room facing the kitchen
  • They have 4 ports on the bottom that provide gigabit speeds – 3 of the ports should always be active, the 4th cannot be made active.
  • The 3 active ports provide a NAT network. If needed, they can be changed to a public network for gaming purposes. This requires a reboot of the access point which can take up to 15 minutes. Please contact the helpdesk (link to helpdesk contact info) if you need a port changed to a public network.

University Village/International House

  • Expect to see sets of jacks on the wall that contain your data jacks. The jacks should be labeled. The data jacks will have a “D” in the label.
  • Connect your ethernet cable into the jack and your computer’s ethernet connection.
  • Once your computer has connected, open a web browser. You will be redirected to login with your eID and ePassword.
  • Follow the instructions on the resulting page.