Policies & Procedures – Residential Dining Services

Residential Dining Services Policies & Procedures

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Dining Services Table Card Program

  • CSU – affiliated groups must make a table card reservation through the Residential Dining Services main office at: 970-491-4754 or email nicole.guild@colostate.edu
  • Reservations are made on a first-come first-serve weekly basis. Up to four separate table cards per week are designated for CSU-affiliates. There is no cost for reservations or distribution.
  • Reservations made for multiple weeks are permitted, however table cards must be printed for each week regardless of content. All table cards are removed and recycled each Sunday.
    • Reservations for Fall Semester open August 1st
    • Reservations for Spring Semester open December 1st
  • Table card content must be appropriate and align with the University and Department’s vision, values, and Principles of Community. Table card content must be submitted and approved electronically before final approval is given to print.
  • Reservations are available only during the academic year, and run Sunday-Saturday.
  • Table cards must be printed on a quarter sheet (4.25” x 5.5”) recyclable CARD STOCK paper; (standard weight copy paper is not rigid enough). Duplex printing is permitted. Be sure to include the sponsoring organizations name and contact somewhere on the card. Neon Paper is not to be used, as it is not recyclable.
  • Table cards must be printed, sorted per dining center, and delivered to the Palmer Center room 108 by the Thursday before your reservation. Residential Dining Services will deliver and distribute all table cards.
  • Distributing table cards in the dining centers is not allowed, and any distributed and found without a reservation will be immediately removed and recycled.

    Table Card Quantities to deliver to the Palmer Center the Thursday prior to Reservation:
    Allison Dining Center: Qty. 50
    Braiden Dining Center: Qty. 125
    Durrell Dining Center: Qty. 90
    Ram’s Horn Dining Center: Qty. 150
    The Foundry Dining Center: Qty. 150


Advertisements of any kind are not permitted in any dining center, dining center entrance, or retail location. Any advertisements found in these areas will be taken down and recycled.  If you wish to post in common areas or residence halls, please refer to the Residence Hall Advertising Policy: https://housing.colostate.edu/halls/policies/


Shoes and shirt are required for service and entry into the dining centers.

One Bite Rule

You are permitted to take one small food item with you after you finish your meal at one of our dining centers. That item could be a piece of fruit, a cookie, or an ice cream cone.  You are also permitted to bring in and fill up your reusable CSU water bottle at one of the beverage stations when you visit.  If you need a full meal to-go, please refer to the To-Go Policy.

Outside Food

Outside food or drink is not permitted in any dining center or express location.

Service Animals in the Dining Centers

Official Service Animals only are permitted in the dining centers. Pets and emotional support animals are prohibited. For the full guidelines on service and emotional support animals, please see the SDC website.

Sick Meal Request

If a friend is sick, you can get a to-go box for them. Simply fill out the sick To-Go request form, send it to rds@colostate.edu, and then bring in the person’s RamCard to a dining center. You will be asked to show the meal checker the electronic copy of this form on your smartphone or other electronic device (or bring a paper copy), at which point you will be given a To-Go box for the individual.

Skateboards and Longboards

Your skateboards, longboards, and other modes of transportation are not permitted in the dining centers. Longboard racks are available outside of each dining center. Padlocks are available for purchase, ask a meal checker for more information.


No smoking, vaping, or tobacco use is allowed on CSU property per campus policy. For more information including reporting, violations, and cessation resources visit tobaccofree.colostate.edu.

  • The policy prohibits smoking, vaping and all other uses of tobacco on university property. This includes cigarettes, cigars, vaping (even on non-nicotine), hookahs and chewing tobacco.
  • The order applies to all university grounds; this includes all residence halls, university apartments, and dining centers.
  • The order bars tobacco use and vaping inside buildings and outside on all grounds, even in open areas away from buildings or foot traffic.
  • Violations of the order may result in disciplinary action.

Instances of smoking-related damage to University property will be charged a $50 minimum fee per incident, plus the costs of cleaning, repairing, or replacing any affected materials, including but not limited to paint, carpet, and linoleum.

Visiting Parents

Parents are welcome to eat with their residence hall students at any of our dining centers for free up to two times in a two week period. Parents must be accompanied by their student and sign in at the dining center register. Parents and legal guardians only. Siblings and other family members will need to use on of the student’s bonus meals or purchase a meal ticket at the register.