Live Green Team

The Live Green Team, sponsored by Housing & Dining Services, consists of student and staff volunteers who aim to make a positive impact on the global environment by taking collective action on campus.

Meetings are held once a month in the Laurel Village Pavilion conference room on the second Friday of each month. If you’re interested in joining, email

Live Green Team Supported Programs

  • Recycling Stations/ Cardboard Corrals: During student move-in at the beginning of every Fall semester, recycling stations are set up to collect large amounts of cardboard, styrofoam, and plastic thin film when possible.  For more information, visit our Move-In page on our Zero Waste website.
  • Pack it, Store it, Donate it: During student move-out at the end of every Spring semester, large trailers and trucks are set up as donation stations in nearly every residence halls to collect items to be donated to local charities around the state. For more information, visit our Move-Out page on our Zero Waste website.
  • RecycleMania: RecycleMania is an intercollegiate competition that emphasizes recycling and waste minimization. HDS hosts an internal hall and apartment recycling competition. Residence halls and university apartments compete against each other in cumulative pounds recycled on a per resident basis. CSU consistently places within the top 20 in the Grand Champion category every year.

Outreach and Events

  • Waste Audit: To create awareness of RecycleMania, a trash audit is conducted on campus each spring. Typically, over 90% of the recycling stream is made up of recyclables.
  • Earth Day Festival: The Live Green Team participates in the annual Earth Day Festival – held on April 22nd – to celebrate the creation of Earth Day, as well as the many events taking place on campus throughout the week