Eco Leaders Program

Eco Leaders   

The Eco Leaders Peer Education Program is a group of residential students in the residence halls and Aggie Village who serves as a peer educator to raise awareness of sustainability initiatives and encourage environmentally responsible behaviors including composting, energy conservation, sustainable transportation, food security, and environmental justice. There is one Eco Leader in each residence hall, and four Eco Leaders for Aggie Village. The Eco Leaders are a diverse group of students who represent multiple identities and perspectives. No prior sustainability experience is needed, just a passion for engagement and making a difference.

Residence Hall Eco Leaders receive a $1,650 housing stipend per semester for five hours of engagement work each week and participate in a course every Wednesday from 4-5:15 p.m. during the academic year. These Eco Leaders are eligible to earn up to 3 academic credits through the School of Global Environmental Sustainability (SoGES).

Similarly, Aggie Village Eco Leaders receive $1,650 housing stipend per semester for five hours of engagement work each week, and participate in a weekly class every Wednesday from 4-5 p.m.

Past Eco Leaders have majored in various studies, including Art, Biology, Business Administration, Equine Science, and Neuroscience. If you have a passion in sustainability, and/or are interested in learning more about sustainability in Housing and Dining Services, apply to be an Eco Leader today!

The application for the 2023-2024 Eco Leaders cohort is now open. Apply today! 

Application Deadline for Returning Students: April 16th 11:59pm

Application Deadline for First Year Students: June 16th 11:59pm


Program Requirements:

  • Commit to the program for the entire academic year, both Fall and Spring semesters
  • Commit 5 hours per week to sustainability engagement
  • Live in a residence hall or Aggie Village for the academic year 2022-2023
  • Attend a mandatory weekly class/ meeting
    • Residence Hall Eco Leaders – Wednesday from 4:00pm to 5:15pm
      • Fall course: GES130: Introduction to Sustainability Engagement – one credit class
      • Spring course: GES330: Sustainability in Practice – two or three credit class, requiring an independent project & poster presentation
    • Aggie Village Eco Leaders –  Wednesday from 4:00pm to 5:00pm
  • Attend an overnight training at CSU’s Mountain Campus on Sat 8/13 – Sun 8/14
  • Participate in HDS Move In and Move Out programs
  • Participate in service learning and local volunteering opportunities
  • Promote multiple student engagement campaigns and events concurrently throughout the year
  • Gain knowledge on a variety of topics related to sustainability including social justice, the environment, and the economy
  • Compensation: $1,650 housing stipend per semester (pending successful completion of program requirements)
  • Application is required.


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Residence Halls

Bobby EstradaBobby Estrada (He/Him)

Residence Hall: Academic Village
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO
Major: Miocrobiology

Samantha YorkSamantha York (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Academic Village
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
Major: Business Administration

Eco Leader QuintonQuinton Legg (He/Him)

Residence Hall: Allison Hall
Hometown: Windsor, CO
Major: Ecosystems Science & Sustainability

Sara KirosSara Kiros (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Braiden Hall
Hometown: Aurora, CO
Major: Political Science

Eco Leader KaydinKaydin Barry (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Corbett Hall
Hometown: Shallotte, NC
Major: Animal Science

Abby BeauregardAbby Beauregard (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Corbett Hall
Hometown: Westborough, MA
Major: Environmental Engineering

Kaylynn MunozKaylynn Munoz (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Corbett Hall
Hometown: Clovis, CA
Major: Fish, Wildlife & Conserv Biol

Allison HowelAllison Howel (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Edwards Hall
Hometown: Kansas City, MO
Major: Ecosystems Science & Sustainability

Lauren PophamLauren Popham (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Ingersoll Hall
Hometown: Tucson, AR
Major: Interior Architecture and Design

Cecilia HuberCecilia Huber (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Laurel Village
Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL
Major: Fish, Wildlife & Conserv Biol

Amelia ReitzfeldAmelia Reitzfeld (They/Them)

Residence Hall: Laurel Village
Hometown: New York, NY
Major: Zoology

Connor SiegfreidConnor Siegfreid (He/Him)

Residence Hall: Parmelee Hall
Hometown: Aurora, CO
Major: Ecosystems Science & Sustainability

Eco Leader SophiaSophia Pruden (She/Her)

Residence Hall: Summit Hall
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Major: Neuroscience

Aggie Village Apartments

Eco Leader MarkMark Kohn

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Human Dimensions of Natural Resources

Eco Leader NicoleNicole Taylor

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major: Communications

Eco Leader JenniferJennifer Tran

Hometown: Denver, CO
Major: Business Administration

Kiri Michell

Aggie Village Eco Leader – 2018-2019 & 2019-2020
Class of 2020

“The Eco Leader program has been a great experience that has certainly added new perspectives and experiences to my academic journey.  In this program, I have explored new areas in the local community that is doing outstanding work to keep our community and environment safe which I would not have had exposure to if it weren’t for this program.  Engaging with residents in our community has had its challenges, but this has taught me how to be adaptable with new audiences and how to work with individuals who are not as savvy with sustainability.  One of the biggest things this program has taught me is how interdisciplinary sustainability is.  Almost everything we do has some direct tie to sustainability and how we approach and interact with our surroundings.  In this role, we explore the environment, health, economic, and social settings to discover and learn how they all interact, negatively and positively, and how our actions exert positive and negative effects on our planet.  This program has taught me how to not always see things with a superficial view, but to dig a bit deeper and critically think about issues at hand and different approaches one might use to combat issues plaguing our world.  Through this program, I have developed close friendships and have been able to apply my knowledge and experience to other aspects of my life.  Overall, I would recommend this program to a student of any discipline who is willing to have an open mind and can think strategically about how to best incorporate sustainability into our diverse student population.”

Paula Mendoza Moreno

Eco Leader- 2018
Class of 2021
Degree- BS Chemical and Biological Engineering

Paula Mendoza graduated from CSU with a bachelor of science in chemical and biological engineering. She was awarded a Gates Cambridge Scholarship to support her graduate studies at the University of Cambridge. The first scholar-elect from Colorado State University, Paula will be pursuing a Ph.D. in chemical engineering. She will investigate liquid hydrogen production and commercialization as an alternative to decarbonize the aviation sector and manage climate change. Paula hopes this research will address energy scarcity, climate refugees, and ultimately improve the lives of people in the most vulnerable regions of the world.

“Often in the world of advocacy for sustainability we can feel powerless and incapable of making real, tangible change. Being an eco-leader gave me the opportunity to transform that feeling into actions that ultimately encouraged behavior changes in my peers to become more environmentally conscious. For a long time I thought my efforts to educate friends and classmates would be meaningless, but being a peer educator along with other passionate sustainability advocates in the program taught me that no action is too small to make a difference. I had some of the most significant and powerful conversations around sustainability while I was in the position. I have hope that they had a lasting impact on students who now consume a little less every day and know a little more about the impact of our actions. I was able to learn about the various perspectives and issues that come into play on people’s journeys to lower their environmental impact, and became a better listener, peer educator, and environmentally conscious person. I’m grateful for my time as an eco-leader for motivating me to become more well-rounded and preparing me for a career in sustainability. I learned that being in harmony with our planet is complicated, but through perseverance and understanding, we can become better.”

Morgan Turner

Eco Leader- 2014-2015
Class of 2018
Degree- BS in Psychology, BA in Spanish

Since graduating with her undergraduate degrees from CSU, Morgan is currently pursuing a master’s degree in public health through the Colorado School of Public Health. She has a concentration in Physical Activity and Health Lifestyles and works at the CSU Health Network in Health and Education Preventative Services as well as a Graduate Research Assistant. Morgan is also interning with the City of Fort Collins FC Moves Department. Her work involves creating an equity tool for city-initiatives as well as ensuring that equity remains at the forefront for future FC Moves and sustainability programs. After graduation, Morgan has plans to stay in the Northern Colorado area and hopefully continue working in the equity space for local, county, or state government entities.

“The Eco Leaders program gave me an amazing opportunity to be a part of a leadership community. Since I am originally from Overland Park, Kansas, it was great to form connections and gain a greater understanding of the role that sustainability plays not only at CSU but on a national scale. I believe that discussing topics such as environmental and social justice greatly sparked my interest in the work that I am doing today in terms of equity and inclusion for all, leading with race. I am thrilled that through my master’s program I have been able to use some.”

Kwon AtlasKwon Atlas

Eco Leader –  2013-2014
Class of 2016
Degree- BA in Economics

“After the Ecoleaders program, I went on to write legislation to bring the on-campus shuttle “Around the horn” to campus and find funding for more blue recycle bins on campus. I used the knowledge I gained in the Ecoleaders Program to better argue for such initiatives and understand the benefit they bring to society and the planet. The program also enhanced my studies as an Economics major in classes such as Environmental Economics and my senior seminar which centered on Climate Change mitigation. During the Ecoleaders program, I also gained the experience of knocking on doors and engaging my hall mates in discussions around sustainability. This experience is directly applicable to my role as a Wells Fargo Banker where I strive to help people succeed financially and my latest endeavor of running for Mayor of Fort Collins.”

Christina NeelChristina Neel

Eco Leader member 2013-14
Peer Mentor 2014-2015
Class of 2016
Degree – Bachelors of Science in Ecosystem Science and Sustainability

After graduating, Christina moved to her hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio to live with family and considered taking a gap year. After a brief online job search, she found herself applying for a sustainability position at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. A month later she was proudly wearing her AmeriCorps gear at the swearing in ceremony, with the title of Sustainability Engagement Member.  AmeriCorps is a 1-year service program that connects community needs with members, in education, environment, health, and public safety. Members receive an education award at the end of the service term along with a modest living allowance.

Did you know that Cincinnati Zoo was ranked as the Greenest Zoo in America? Part of Christina’s position is sharing the sustainability story and encouraging visitors to make their lives a little greener by creating fun and engaging programs on zoo grounds and at special events throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. Additionally, she teaches with an afterschool club at a nearby elementary school: The Green Team, where students get to be environmental stewards in their own backyards. Her talks and class sessions include how to be a friend to pollinators, recycling, vermicomposting, and all-around green living. She believes that through environmental education (with the help of some amazing animals), individual behavior changes can lead Cincinnatians to a greener future.

“Becoming a peer educator through the Eco Leaders program taught me how to have tough conversations with people—often, behavior is very hard to change. I learned how to be positive, motivating, and most importantly empowering. If folks are empowered to change something in their life and feel good about what they are doing for the planet, they are more likely to share that with others. Every day at the Zoo, I use skills and information I gained through the Eco Leaders program, whether that be planning a booth at the annual Cincinnati Earth Day Festival, or simply getting my students excited about compost.”

Nick DannemillerNick Dannemiller

Eco Leader – 2012-2013
Class of 2016
Degree- BS in Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Nick is working towards a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at CSU. Although he is still open to the diverse opportunities within veterinary medicine, Nick is keenly interested in working towards improving the health of humans, animals, and the environmental – to be a champion for One Health. Between finishing his undergrad and starting vet school, he worked as a summer research fellow at the San Diego Zoo’s Institute for Conservation Research. Nick worked in the Wildlife Disease Labs focusing on improving the health of animals by working to remove disease as a roadblock to conservation. When not in class, he works at the USDA’s National Wildlife Research Center on a variety of projects focusing on wildlife health, and enjoys exploring the great outdoors throughout Colorado.

“The Eco Leaders program gave me an incredible opportunity to become involved in the CSU community in a meaningful way. I really enjoyed growing in my understanding of sustainability, working to make CSU greener, and gaining some awesome fellow Eco Leader friends.”

Hannah GregoryHannah Gregory

Eco Leader – 2012-2013
Class of 2016
Degree- BS in Natural Resources Recreation and Tourism concentration in Environmental Communication

After graduation from CSU, Hannah went to work for a nonprofit organization called Environment Colorado. Her position was the Global Warming Solutions Campaign Director in Denver and focused on creating awareness and support for the Clean Power Plan in Colorado and throughout the nation. During her term, her strategic focus was on health professionals and mothers as these segments have been identified as showing considerable amounts of concern about the health impacts caused by global warming and climate change. Hannah was involved with planning events, obtaining signatures on petitions, writing opinion editorials, and training and managing CSU interns to do the same things in Fort Collins. After her time with Environment Colorado, Hannah moved back to Fort Collins. Hannah now works at a tennis club as a coach and office manager in Windsor and finished a summer term with the Larimer County Conservation Corps where she served as the Agircorps Mentor. She is now pursuing a position as a race director and would like to expand the model that Green Events LLC uses in Fort Collins to create and manage zero waste running events.

“Being a part of the Eco Leader program gave me valuable leadership experiences that I was able to continually develop while also equipping me with a base knowledge of the environmental issues our world is facing today and how to best communicate those issues as well as solutions with my peers.”

Ariana GloriaAriana Gloria

Eco Leader – 2011-2012 & 2012-2013
Class of 2014
BS in Rangeland Ecology

Ariana Gloria graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in Rangeland Ecology. Currently she is working as an Arizona Cooperative Rangeland Monitoring Program (ACRMP) Research Specialist for The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and Bureau of Land Management (as a contractor). In this position, her goal is to provide one-on-one rancher education and coordinate rangeland monitoring activities with grazing permittees and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) personnel. The ACRMP is a collaborative effort between the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension and the Bureau of Land Management. This program encourages extension personnel, agency staff and grazing permittees of the County to come together to monitor the range and participate in educational rangeland activities to better understand each other and the land with the goal of more sustainable management of Arizona’s vital rangelands.

In the past, Ariana has worked as an ecological restoration technician for a private ecological restoration consulting firm, a Bureau of Land Management intern (for Post-Fire vegetation rehab) in southeast Oregon, a botany technician (for the Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project, a 100-yearlong study) with the University of Missouri and Missouri Department of Conservation, and as a volunteer for Wildlands Restoration Volunteers and Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado.

In her spare time, she loves to go outdoors and hike, read about other countries and cultures (both fiction and non-fiction), learn more about ecological restoration (my true aspirational career), botanize and collect plants for my personal herbarium, work on her plant identification skills and most recently stitch intricate colorful earrings (brick stitch, peyote stitch, applique stitch, etc.) with seed beads.

“I truly believe a lot of my former and current pursuits can be traced back to the knowledge and experiences I gained and developed as a Colorado State University Eco-Leader (for two years). The Eco-Leaders program has had a profound and lasting impact on my day to day actions in the way that it has given me the knowledge, encouragement and support needed to live as environmentally responsible as I can and be a positive example to those around me. The weekly discussions and formal debates about topics surrounding the environment, society and the economy certainly sparked my interest in what sustainability really means and has encouraged me ever since to continue to learn as much as I can about those topics to incorporate positive and impactful environmentally, socially and economically just decisions into my personal and work life. My experience as a sustainability peer-educator has also helped me in my current position immensely since I now educate ranchers about sustainable grazing management. As an Eco-Leader (especially with the Green Warrior program) I learned how to be encouraging while educating people and how to pick up on and highlight the good practices/habits they are already performing (positive reinforcement) to get their trust and open up to learning new practices/habits. Another positive thing about the Eco-Leaders program is that it pushed me to think critically and understand issues from all sides, not just the loudest side. I am grateful for my two years spent as an Eco-Leader for CSU and I am glad to learn more about its continuation and how the program is progressing. I would also love to give back to the program and hope (with my move back to Colorado in the next year or two) to be a part of the program again in some way.”

Cheyenne McCoyCheyenne McCoy

Eco Leader – 2011-2012 & 2012- 2013
Class of 2015
Degree – BA in Journalism and Media Communication

After graduation from CSU, Cheyenne had the opportunity to work as a photographer at Disney World. She worked in the Animal Kingdom park and took pictures of both guests and animals. Cheyenne was the recipient of a regional Emmy award in 2014 for a long-form non-fiction video that she co-produced. The documentary was about an 83-year-old man who has the world’s largest collection of washing machines. She has also been commissioned by PBS to take photographs for a documentary television series on the history of recorded music. Cheyenne is currently living in Portland, Oregon and working at a record store, hosting a radio show, and doing freelance video work.

“I learned so much about the importance of sustainability during my two years in the Eco Leader program. My passion for preserving our earth’s resources and the eco-conscious mentality that I developed during the program have influenced a lot of my major life choices–it was important for me to choose a city to live in that cares about the environment and to work with organizations that are environmentally conscious. Being a part of Eco Leaders was a highlight of my college experience, and because of the program I’ve developed life-long habits that are good for me and good for the planet!”

Welcome to the virtual 2022 Eco Leaders Showcase! This showcase is the culmination of the Eco Leaders spring semester independent projects, aimed to explore opportunities for sustainability initiatives within Housing and Dining Services. 

Click any infographic below to view a larger version.

Gobble the Globe Poster
Food Garden Poster
Bear Proof Containers Poster
Learning to Ride Poster
Rams in the Wild Poster
Resident Composting Poster
Rentable Sewing Machines Poster
Sustainable Vending Machines Poster