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I submitted my application recently; when will I be assigned an apartment?

Priority on the assignment list is determined by the date of completed application for the assignment period you wish to move in. Notification of assignment is made by email approximately 6-8 weeks before the desired move-in date, or earlier if we become aware of available space. Priority is given to CSU students then to faculty/staff applications. Please keep us informed of any email address changes. Information regarding your address must be accurate to ensure your receipt of an apartment assignment.

Can I get my deposit back if I cancel my application?

Yes. The deposit is refundable at any time prior to your confirming an assignment offer. Your deposit will be refunded to your Colorado State University student/billing account. If there are no outstanding charges, the deposit will be mailed to you in the form of a check as a direct deposit if previously arranged with the CSU Cashier’s Office.  Students can sign up for Direct Deposit on RamWeb. To initiate a refund, contact:

University Housing
Department of Housing & Dining Services
208 Palmer Center
1005 West Laurel
(970) 491-4743
email: housing@colostate.edu

When is my deposit non-refundable?

Your deposit is non-refundable when you accept/confirm an offer of an apartment, but you change your mind later (cancellation). A maximum of 30 days rent would be the responsibility of the applicant in the case of a cancellation.

What kind of furniture will be provided in my apartment?

Apartments in Aggie Village and International House are available furnished only.

Apartments in Family housing can be fully furnished, partially furnished, or unfurnished. University Village and Aggie Village Family apartments may include your choice of the following furniture (depending on availability)…

SofaOccasional (coffee) table
Dining table and chairsBeds
Chest of drawersDesk and chair

All mattresses are extra long – double bed: 54″ x 80″ (1.37 m x 2.03 m), or single bed: 39″ x 80″ (.99 m x 2.03 m).
Drapes and major appliances are provided in both furnished and unfurnished apartments.

Do furnished apartments cost more than unfurnished apartments?

No, the rental rate for furnished and unfurnished apartments is the same.

Can I apply for a 3-bedroom apartment whether I have children or not?

Yes, you may apply for a 3-bedroom apartment, but priority goes to:

  • Families with 3 or more children
  • Families with 2 children
  • Families with one child
  • Families without children

Can I view an apartment before I accept one?

Yes, if one is empty, clean, and available for viewing. To see an available apartment, please contact the apartment complex office to schedule an appointment.

Aggie Village FamilyAggie VillageInternational House
University Village 1500
University Village
(1600 & 1700)
Phone (970) 491-7173
500 W. Prospect Road
Building 24
Phone (970) 491-7903
521 W. Lake Street
Lodgepole Bldg.
Phone (970) 491-3088
1400 W. Elizabeth Street
Phone (970) 491-5907
1600 W. Plum Street
Building 34

Where can I pick up the keys to my assigned apartment?

The check-in process is completed at the apartment complex office. If cleaning and maintenance work is complete, an apartment may be accepted before the assignment date. Rent begins on the assignment date or date of check-in, if earlier than the assignment date.

May I request to have my rent billed in advance?

Yes. Contact University Housing assignments (housing@colostate.edu) to obtain and submit a pre-billing authorization form indicating the length you desire i.e. semester, end of lease, etc.

Am I charged rent over university breaks and holidays?

Yes. The University Apartments are open year round and do not close during university breaks. Rent will be charged.

I am graduating in December and/or leaving for Study Abroad and need to leave before the lease end date of May 31st. What do I do?

In October, submit the “Notice of Intent to Vacate” form online a minimum of 60 days before your intended move out date. If you are graduating and have submitted your Intent to Graduate, we will use that as support for waiving your contract breakage fee. If you are going to study abroad, please provide documentation to avoid the contract breakage fee.

I am a Visiting Scholar/Researcher or Post-Doctoral fellow whose CSU appointment is ending and need to leave before the lease end date of May 31st. What do I do?

Please submit the “Notice of Intent to Vacate” form online a minimum of 60 days before your intended move out date. Please provide updated documentation of your appointment status to avoid the contract breakage fee.

How do I get a parking permit?

CSU Parking & Transportation Services sells parking permits. Please visit their website at www.pts.colostate.edu

May I park a moving truck/container in the apartment parking lot when I move in?

Yes, but only for a maximum time period of 2 days. When planning your move, please keep in mind that Aggie Village and International House apartments are already fully furnished.

Does University Housing offer student jobs?