Rates & Hall Information

Rates & Hall Information

2019-2020 Room & Board Rates (per semester)*

Room TypeResidence HallsANY 10ANY 14ANY 213D Floor Plan
Community-Style DoubleAllison, Durward, Edwards, Ingersoll, Newsom, Westfall$5,422$5,941$6,215 
Community-Style DoubleLaurel Village$5,721$6,240$6,514
Suite-Style DoubleBraiden, Corbett, Parmelee$5,937$6,456$6,730
Community-Style SingleDurward, Westfall$6,178$6,697$6,971
Suite-Style DoubleSummit, Parmelee/Braiden 4th floor$6,274$6,793$7,067 
Community-Style Corner TripleDurward, Westfall$5,422$5,941$6,215 
Suite-Style Double with Private BathroomAcademic Village, Laurel Village$6,376$6,895$7,169 
Suite-Style Double in QuadAcademic Village$6,376$6,895$7,169 
Community-Style SingleLaurel Village$6,552$7,071$7,345 
Suite-Style SingleLaurel Village, Summit, Parmelee/Braiden 4th Floor$7,346$7,865$8,139 
Suite-Style Single in QuadLaurel Village$7,346$7,865$8,139 
Suite-Style Single with Private BathroomAcademic Village, Laurel Village$7,574$8,093

* Room and board charges can be paid on a monthly basis with CSU’s Prepayment Plan. For payment plan users, if your payments are kept up-to-date (see payment schedule) and cover the amount billed to your student account, your account will be paid each term prior to the student account billing due date (September 10 for fall and February 10 for spring).

ANY 10

10 meals per week 20 bonus passes per semester $150 RamCash per semester

ANY 14

14 meals per week 20 bonus passes per semester $150 RamCash per semester

ANY 21

21 meals per week 20 bonus passes per semester $150 RamCash per semester

Any 21 meal plan can be increased to the Any 21 Upgrade plan (up to 12 meals a day) for an additional $340 per semester.

Residence Hall Information

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Communities & Housing Options Single Room Suite Style Community Style Air-Conditioning Break Housing Open for General Assignments

Residence HallCommunities & Housing OptionsSingle Room‡Suite StyleCommunity StyleAir ConditioningBreak Housing†% Open for General Assignments
Academic Village
  • Engineering*
  • Honors
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot0%
  • Transfer Community
Green DotGreen Dot85%
  • Key Communities
  • Key Plus
  • Transfer Community
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot0%
  • Health & Exercise Science
  • Key Communities
  • Living Substance Free
Green Dot70%
  • Open for all general assignments
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot100%
  • Engineering
  • Honors
Green DotGreen Dot60%
  • Open for all general assignments
Green Dot100%
Laurel Village
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • Year 2 @ CSU
  • Transfer Community
Green DotGreen DotGreen DotGreen DotGreen Dot0%
  • Open for all general assignments
Green Dot100%
  • Arts & Creative Expression
  • Global Village
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot40%
  • Natural Resources Learning Communities
  • Open Housing
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot80%
  • Living Substance Free
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot80%

*Students living in the Academic Village Engineering Residential Learning Community will be assessed an additional program charge of $200 per semester through the College of Engineering
†Selected halls remain open during fall/spring breaks; Only Parmelee and Westfall are open during winter break. Prior approval for break housing is required. Summer Session housing is available in Parmelee.
‡Braiden and Parmelee halls only offer single rooms on their 4th floors
♦Break housing is only available at Laurel Village – Alpine. Laurel Village – Piñon will be closed during breaks.