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Welcome team member to your resource page for employment with Residential Dining Services!  Below you will find resources, student leadership class sign-ups, and general information about your employment with us.

The Student Leadership courses are a series of six classes that any student dining employee can participate in.  The courses are designed to offer you transferable leadership, personnel management, and hospitality skills not typically taught in the classroom.   These courses will not only assist you in your current and potential supervisory roles with dining services, but also are transferable to any career that you choose after college.  The completion of these courses are required to be eligible for a student supervisor position and beyond.  All courses will pay you for your time to attend and any course work to follow.

Principles of Community
Principles of Community
  • After attending this session, students will have a better understanding of the importance of modeling the Principles of Community. We will discuss how to put each Principle into action in the workplace and practice addressing hurtful behavior in an effective, positive way that promotes respect and building trust within our teams.
  • Course Duration: 1 hour
Leadership 101
  • This session will introduce participants to several basic philosophies and characteristics of a what it takes to be a good leader. While there are countless characteristics of a good leader, this course covers our top essential characteristics to add to your tool belt.  The interactive course will give you an opportunity to explore basic leadership skills with your fellow participants and give you a jumping point to expand those skills!
  • Course Duration: 1.5 hours
General Safety
General Safety 101
  • Upon completion of General Safety 101, you will have a better understanding of safety practices and safety resources available when working for Residential Dining Services and also as a member of the Colorado State University Community.  Topics will include: physical safety at work, workplace injuries, pest control as related to public safety, ergonomics, fire systems, and campus resources.
  • Course Duration: 1 hour
Food Safety
Food Safety 101
  • his food safety class will give you a foundation of food safety information as it relates to student leadership. During the one hour classroom style training, you will dig deeper into HACCP and what the expectations of a student leader are; food storage, food allergies, blood borne pathogens, glove and apron use, and more will be covered.  The classroom session is immediately followed by a hands-on food safety experience that will cover knife safety, basic equipment safety, and chemical storage and proper use.
  • Course Duration: 2 hours – Closed Toed Shoes are required
Residential Dining Services Hospitality
  • The course offers participants several philosophies and techniques on what good customer service is all about, especially in the hospitality industry. Not only will participants engage in activities designed to provide outstanding customer service, but also recognize and utilize these techniques in all walks of life.
  • Course Duration: 1 hour
Training Others
Training Others
  • Students completing this course will be able to identify the need for training; define learning techniques, apply knowledge of effective training methods, and analyze trainee performance to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Course Duration: 1 hour


WhenToWork is the scheduling app that we use. Through the app you will be able to view your weekly schedule, communicate with co-workers, trade shifts, etc.

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