Leases & Rates

Housing Availability Announcement

Due to increasing demand and limited supply for campus housing, we are no longer accepting applications from students not required to live on campus per the housing requirement. First year students and other students required to live on campus are guaranteed housing and we always accommodate as many other applicants as we can. Campus apartments are also full and there are a number of pending applications seeking assignment. You are welcome to apply for an apartment as a waitlist applicant but please know the chance of being assigned before the beginning of the academic year in August is low and we strongly encourage to use the resources below.

The Off-Campus Life Office has resources via their website that can assist with pursuing housing in the Fort Collins community, including RentalSearch. Use RentalSearch to search for properties for rent, rooms for rent, roommates, and post yourself as a roommate or if you have a room to rent.

Off-Campus Life will be hosting two hybrid Roommate Meet and MatchesJuly 15th and 22nd, at 4 p.m. MT. Zoom information is hyperlinked to its respective date; in-person meeting will be in the Lory Student Center, exact room will be updated on the Off-Campus Life website. Additionally, students are encouraged to call (970-491-2248), email (, or visit Off-Campus Life (Lory Student Center, room 274) to learn which apartment/property managers still have rooms available for rent and to learn about other ways to find off-campus housing.

If you are still interested in on campus housing after classes begin in August, you are welcome to contact University Housing to see if late cancellations or other changes have opened some availability.

Apartment Rates & Information

Leases begin on the assignment date and end on May 31 of each year. The lease renewal process occurs in the early spring semester. A contract breakage fee applies for those who move out before May 31, without having a documented academic excuse. 2022-2023 Example Apartment Lease

Rent includes heat, electricity, water, sewer, trash, recycling, internet, and furnishings where applicable. Visit the Explore Apartments page for more info and a list of eligibility requirements for each apartment community.

All Rental Rates Include:

Heat & Electricity

Water, Sewer, Trash, Recycling

High-Speed Internet (University Village 1700 apartments are limited to a maximum of 10mbps.)

Furniture: Aggie Village and International House are available furnished only. University Village and Aggie Village Family apartments may be furnished or unfurnished (based on availability).

2019-2020 Single-Student Apartment Rates*

Apartments with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms are rented out per room

Aggie Village: Open to upperclass undergrad and graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, and visiting scholars
International House: Open to graduate students and nontraditional students

ApartmentBedroomsBathsSquare FootageMonthly Rent
Aggie VillageStudio1352$1,060
Aggie Village1 Bedroom1 462$1,150
Aggie Village2 Bedrooms1 (2 vanity sinks) 620$795 per person
Aggie Village3 Bedrooms1 (2 vanity sinks) 842$730 per person
Aggie Village4 Bedrooms2 (4 vanity sinks) 1042$720 per person
International House1 Bedroom1 439$875
International House2 Bedrooms1 (1 vanity sinks) 669$620 per person

2019-2020 Family Apartment Rates*

*2019-2020 Rates subject to change pending approval by the Board of Governors.

Aggie Village Family & University Village: Ideal for students with families

ApartmentBedroomsWasher/Dryer HookupsSquare FootageMonthly Rent
Aggie Village Family2 BedroomsN/A572$840
University Village 15002 BedroomsN/A635$850
University Village 16002 BedroomsYes702$1000
University Village 17002 BedroomsYes716$1,040
University Village 1700*2 BedroomsYes732$1,040
University Village 1600**3 BedroomsYes728$1,115
University Village 17003 BedroomsYes825$1,170
University Village 1700*3 BedroomsYes803$1,170

* Wheelchair accessible – inquire by calling (970) 491-4743 or emailing
** Some configurations of this 3-bedroom apartment are 2 levels

2023-2024 Aggie Village Lodgepole Rates

Rental rates listed are per person.
Beginning Fall 2023, Aggie Village Lodgepole will offer a 9-month contract option, mid-August to mid-May, billed at the start of each semester instead of monthly. Rates are pending approval by the Board of Governors.

ApartmentBedroomsBathsSquare FootageSemester Rate3D Floor Plans
Lodgepole1 Bedroom1 462$5,985
Lodgepole2 Bedrooms1 (2 vanity sinks) 620$4,118 per person
Lodgepole3 Bedrooms1 (2 vanity sinks) 842$3,735 per person
Lodgepole4 Bedrooms2 (4 vanity sinks) 1042$3,713 per person

2023-2024 Single-Student Apartment Rates

Rental rates listed are per person.
Rates are pending approval by the Board of Governors.

ApartmentBedroomsBathsSquare FootageMonthly Rent3D Floor Plans
Aggie VillageStudio1352$1,235
Aggie Village1 Bedroom1 462$1,330
Aggie Village2 Bedrooms1 (2 vanity sinks) 620$915 per person
Aggie Village3 Bedrooms1 (2 vanity sinks) 842$830 per person
Aggie Village4 Bedrooms2 (4 vanity sinks) 1042$825 per person
International House1 Bedroom1 439$1,010 
International House2 Bedrooms1 (1 vanity sinks) 669$775 per person
University Village 15002 Bedrooms1 (1 vanity sinks) 635Large Bedroom: $755

Small Bedroom: $690

2023-2024 Family Apartment Rates

Rental rates listed are per apartment.
Rates are pending approval by the Board of Governors.

ApartmentBedroomsWasher/Dryer HookupsSquare FootageMonthly Rent3D Floor Plans
Aggie Village Family2 BedroomsN/A572$1,000 
University Village 15002 BedroomsN/A635$1,010
University Village 16002 BedroomsYes702$1,150
University Village 17002 BedroomsYes716$1,205 
University Village 1700*2 BedroomsYes732$1,205 
University Village 1600**3 BedroomsYes728$1,305
University Village 17003 BedroomsYes825$1,355 
University Village 1700*3 BedroomsYes803$1,355 

* Wheelchair accessible – inquire by calling 970-491-4719 or emailing
** Some configurations of this 3-bedroom apartment are 2 levels

Apartment Parking

Apartment parking information can be found at

ApartmentParking LocationAnnual Permit Cost
International HouseOn Site$150
University VillageOn Site$150
Aggie Village FamilyOn Site$310
Aggie Village FamilyRemote (within 1 mile)$150
Aggie VillageOn Site$667
Aggie VillageRemote (within 2 blocks)$310
Aggie VillageRemote (within 1 mile)$150

More parking information can be found at

Payment Plan

Payment plans are available, visit to enroll. Rent for university apartments (Aggie Village, Aggie Family, International House and University Village) are billed monthly and therefore cannot be included in a payment plan. To explore payment options for apartment rent please contact the housing office at or 970-491-4719.

For questions related to Financial Aid please visit or email