Residence Halls Vacate Procedures

Whether you are moving to another room, another hall, or are vacating the residence hall system completely, several tasks must be completed to properly accomplish your move. Failure to complete the following tasks when vacating a residence hall room could result in charges to your student account.

If you have any questions concerning these procedures, contact the front desk of your residence hall.

Vacating Your Residence Hall Room

By signing your Residence Hall Contract, you have agreed to maintain your residency in the residence hall system for both fall and spring semesters.  Moving out of the system before the end of the current academic year will result in a contract breakage charge.

Exceptions include:

  • Graduation
  • Dismissal by the University Scholastic Standards Committee
  • Call to Military Duty
  • Continuing a University program elsewhere (Semester at Sea, Study Abroad, or Internships through CSU)
  • Spring 2021 = Students completing the final weeks of the semester online

All newly admitted first-year students (Admissions Type “New”) and transfer students with fewer than 15 post-high school credits, who are single, under 21 years of age, and not living with their parents in the Fort Collins area, must live in the University residence halls for the first two consecutive terms of their attendance. Credits taken concurrent with high school and/or credits attained through Advanced Placement (AP) do not apply towards living experience.

If you have any questions regarding contract breakage charges, please contact University Housing at (970) 491-4719.

Preparing Your Room for Moving Out

  • Remove all non-University property from the room, bathrooms, closets, vanities, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Return all University property (furniture, dishes, etc.) to its appropriate location.
  • If you rented a MicroFridge from Collegiate Concepts, Inc., you must notify them to arrange a pick-up: (888) 929-0806.
  • Clean your portion of the room thoroughly (cleaning supplies are available at your hall’s front desk).
  • Clean all writing, marks, and residue from walls, ceilings, and doors.
  • If you have any items in your hall’s storage area, you must remove them or they will be considered abandoned property.
  • Vacuum the carpet in and immediately outside your room, including under beds.
  • Empty trash and recycling bins to the designated dumpsters outside your hall (DO NOT leave in hallways, bathrooms, fire towers, lounges, or other common areas.)
  • Change your mailing address through RamWeb.
  • Notify your vendors, banks, credit card issuers, family, and friends of your change of address.
  • Cancel or change the delivery of any subscriptions. (Only first class mail will be forwarded for 30 days. First class mail received after 30 days and all bulk mail including subscriptions will be returned to sender.)
  • If there are any damages in your room that were not submitted on-line when you checked into the room and that you would like to discuss, please alert HDS Facilities staff by notifying (970) 491-7171. Environmental Services personnel will complete a final inspection after you have left.
  • When all of the above has been accomplished, return all keys and prox card/keys to your residence hall’s front desk via the labeled envelope posted to your room door.

Checking Out During Winter Break

With the exception of designated halls that will remain open, the residence halls are closed during winter break (between fall and spring semesters).  If you are moving or vacating during that time, please be aware of the following:

If you are moving to a different room or hall:

  • You may be asked to store your belongings at the new hall or in the current hall so that your current space will be readily available for a new occupant upon the hall’s reopening.

If you are vacating the residence halls:

  • You must remove all your belongings and turn in your keys before you leave in December. You may not store personal items in the vacated rooms during break.
  • Plan to be properly checked out of your room within 24 hours after your last final exam and no later than 10:00 a.m. on the Saturday after finals week.
  • If you need accommodations after this deadline, you must make arrangements off-campus.
  • If you are academically dismissed or for some other unforeseen reason you find, after winter break begins, that you will not return spring semester, you may check out on designated days or make an appointment to check out before the halls open for spring semester.

Room Changes

Assignment changes will be limited only to those deemed critical by Housing & Dining Services staff including but not limited to conduct/discipline, maintenance, and/or irreconcilable roommate differences after conflict resolution efforts have been attempted.  If you are experiencing roommate difficulty, please contact staff in your community for assistance.

Residents must comply with temporary or permanent reassignment at the direction of Housing & Dining Services, including compliance with any directions for isolation or quarantine.


Failure to adhere to the procedures outlined above will result in charges to your student account, and include but are not limited to:

  • Improper check-out/cleaning (not following these procedures): $50
  • Contract breakage fee: $350
  • Missing or misplaced furniture: furniture replacement cost
  • MicroFridge missing or not picked up: MicroFridge replacement cost
  • Unreturned prox cards/keys: lock change costs, up to $265
  • Late check-out (after 10:00 a.m. the Saturday of finals week): $50
  • Delayed check-out (after halls open for spring semester): Daily room and board charges for each day the halls are open during the spring semester and $50 late check-out charge

Parking Changes

If you have a parking permit, moving to a different hall or vacating the halls could affect your eligibility for that permit.  Please call Parking Services at (970) 491-7041 to see if you need to exchange your permit.

Withdrawal/Eviction Notice

Should you need to withdraw from the University for any reason or be removed from the hall, you must vacate the residence hall within 72 hours. Students who have completed final exams at the end of a semester and whose behavior is disruptive to other students will be required to vacate the residence hall within 24 hours.