Rates & Hall Information

Rates & Hall Information

2017-2018 Room & Board Rates (per semester)

Room TypeResidence HallsANY 10ANY 14ANY 213D Floor Plan
Community-Style DoubleAllison, Durward, Edwards, Ingersoll, Newsom, Westfall$5,135$5,506$5,757 
Community-Style DoubleLaurel Village$5,415$5,786$6,037
Suite-Style DoubleBraiden, Corbett, Parmelee$5,616$5,987$6,238
Community-Style SingleDurward, Westfall$5,841$6,212$6,463
Suite-Style DoubleSummit, Parmelee/Braiden 4th floor$5,930$6,301$6,552 
Community-Style Double CornerDurward, Westfall$5,955$6,326$6,577 
Suite-Style Double with Private BathroomAcademic Village, Laurel Village$6,026$6,397$6,648 
Suite-Style Double in QuadAcademic Village$6,026$6,397$6,648 
Community-Style SingleLaurel Village$6,191$6,562$6,813 
Suite-Style SingleLaurel Village, Summit, Parmelee/Braiden 4th Floor$6,931$7,302$7,553 
Suite-Style Single in QuadLaurel Village$6,931$7,302$7,553 
Suite-Style Single with Private BathroomAcademic Village, Laurel Village$7,144$7,515

ANY 10

10 meals per week 20 bonus passes per semester $150 RamCash per semester

ANY 14

14 meals per week 20 bonus passes per semester $150 RamCash per semester

ANY 21

21 meals per week 20 bonus passes per semester $150 RamCash per semester

ANY 21 meal plans can be upgraded to Any Meal, Any Time (up to 12 meals per day) for an additional $319 per semester

Residence Hall Information

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Communities & Housing Options Single Room Suite Style Community Style Air-Conditioning Break Housing Open for General Assignments

Residence HallCommunities & Housing OptionsSingle Room‡Suite StyleCommunity StyleAir ConditioningBreak Housing†% Open for General Assignments
Academic Village
  • Engineering*
  • Honors
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot0%
  • Transfer Community
Green DotGreen Dot85%
  • Key Communities
  • Key Plus
  • Transfer Community
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot0%
  • Health & Exercise Science
  • Key Civic
Green Dot80%
  • Leadership Development
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot90%
  • Engineering
  • Honors
Green DotGreen Dot60%
  • Equine Sciences
Green Dot80%
Laurel Village
  • College of Natural Sciences
  • Year 2 @ CSU
Green DotGreen DotGreen DotGreen DotGreen Dot0%
  • Open for all general assignments
Green Dot100%
  • Arts & Creative Expression
  • Global Village
  • Key Culture, Communication, and Sport
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot40%
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Living Substance Free
  • Natural Resources & Sustainability
  • Transfer Community Open Housing
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot65%
  • Living Substance Free
  • International-Themed (general assignments)
Green DotGreen DotGreen Dot50%

*Engineering majors living in the Academic Village Engineering Residential Learning Community will be assessed an additional program charge of $175 per semester through the College of Engineering
†Selected halls remain open during fall/spring breaks; Only Parmelee and Westfall are open during winter break. Prior approval for break housing is required.
‡Braiden and Parmelee halls only offer single rooms on their 4th floors