Application & Assignments

Application & Assignments

Housing Availability Announcement

Housing for first year students is guaranteed and assignments are being made on a rolling basis. Due to demand, housing for transfer and returning students who apply now is limited and not guaranteed. Any remaining spaces will be offered to transfer and returning students once first year student applications have been assigned and we will provide periodic updates to applicants as we approach Move In.

Live On Requirement

CSU requires that all newly admitted first-year students (Admissions Type “New”) and transfer students with fewer than 15 post-high school credits, who are single, under 21 years of age, and not living with their parents in the Fort Collins area, live in the University residence halls for the first two consecutive terms of their attendance. Credits taken concurrent with high school and/or credits attained through Advanced Placement (AP) do not apply towards living experience.

Housing Availability Announcement

Due to increasing demand and limited supply for campus housing, we are no longer accepting applications from students not required to live on campus per the housing requirement. First year students and other students required to live on campus are guaranteed housing and we always accommodate as many other applicants as we can. Campus apartments are also full and there are a number of pending applications seeking assignment. You are welcome to apply for an apartment as a waitlist applicant but please know the chance of being assigned before the beginning of the academic year in August is low and we strongly encourage to use the resources below.

The Off-Campus Life Office has resources via their website that can assist with pursuing housing in the Fort Collins community, including RentalSearch. Use RentalSearch to search for properties for rent, rooms for rent, roommates, and post yourself as a roommate or if you have a room to rent.

Off-Campus Life will be hosting two hybrid Roommate Meet and MatchesJuly 15th and 22nd, at 4 p.m. MT.  Zoom information is hyperlinked to its respective date; in-person meeting will be in the Lory Student Center, exact room will be updated on the Off-Campus Life website. Additionally, students are encouraged to call (970-491-2248), email (, or visit Off-Campus Life (Lory Student Center, room 274) to learn which apartment/property managers still have rooms available for rent and to learn about other ways to find off-campus housing.

If you are still interested in on campus housing after classes begin in August, you are welcome to contact University Housing to see if late cancellations or other changes have opened some availability.

Housing Application Process

University Housing is excited to announce a new housing application process that will make room and roommate selection more interactive! This process provides more flexibility and allows an assignment to be less dependent upon when the application is received. Roommate selection will begin before determining where you want to live, and room selection will open in early July. Students who apply will be notified of upcoming participation opportunities and deadlines.

Application Opens
Roommate Selection Opens
Last day to cancel application and receive refund of housing deposit
Early July
Room Selection
Roommate Selection Closes

Roommate Options

Roommate Selection is Open 4/4/2022 – 7/18/2022

Finding a Roommate on Your Own

Through the CSU Housing Portal create, browse, message, and select a roommate(s) based on interactive profiles. You will also be able to make connections with students who may be your classmates, neighbors, co-workers, and fellow Rams.

Have a Roommate Assigned to You

University Housing will assign you a roommate based on the lifestyle questionnaire you fill out on your housing application.

Room Assignments

Room Selection Will Open Early July

Beginning in July, roommate pairs and groups will begin receiving notification that they may log in to the CSU Housing Portal to select their building and room. Access to room selection is made available to applicants on a rolling basis and is not dependent upon when the application was submitted. New rooms throughout the residence halls will be made available as room selection progresses. We encourage everyone to have a few options in mind as some spaces will fill more quickly than others. If you are matched with a roommate both of you will be able to select a space together. Matching with a roommate is not required for room selection.

Housing Deposit and Refund

  • The $350 housing deposit serves as a reservation fee and contractual guarantee
  • The residence hall contract you acknowledge via the Housing Application or sign when you move into the residence halls is binding for the entire academic year
  • The residence hall contract includes a meal plan
  • Deposits are refunded late in the spring of the academic year
  • Deposits are refunded to the University account of all students who fulfill the academic year contract
  • Deposits roll over to the next contract term for students who return to the residence halls or university apartments
  • Pell Grant Eligible – request a waiver of the housing deposit by calling (970) 491-4719

Request for Exemption From University Living Regulation

Cancelling an Application

To cancel your application, log back in to the housing portal and follow the instructions. If needed, you may also send a written request via email to or call our office at (970) 491-4719

Deposits Refunded in Full For:

Cancellations received on or before June 1 for incoming fall semester housing applications

Returning students who participated in the Live On campaign who cancel on or before June 1

Cancellations received on or before December 31 for incoming spring semester housing applications

No Refund Given For:

Cancellations received after June 1 for incoming fall semester (December 31 for incoming spring semester)

Returning students who participated in the Live On campaign who cancel after June 1

Applicants who have not checked in by noon the day classes begin for the semester