Sustainable Buildings

Housing & Dining Services is committed to increasing water efficiency, conserving energy, managing waste, reusing materials and LEED Certified Building (a voluntary, consensus-based, market-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings)

The Pavilion - LEED Platinum
The Pavilion - LEED Platinum

The Pavilion, located in the center of the Laurel Village, is the first building at CSU to be certified LEED PLATINUM new construction by the United States Green Building Council.

The Pavilion features a passive ventilating system called a katabatic tower, a green slope to reduce heat island effect, an interior green wall, recycled and regional materials, bike room, Eco Leaders office space, and much more!

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Durrell Center
Durrell Center

The Durrell Center is a LEED Gold commercial interior certified building.

Durrell features solar tubes, high efficiency dishwashers, access to alternative transportation, reuse of existing structural materials, use of recycled and regional materials, installation of food waste pulpers, solar ready roof, and LED cabinets and coolers.

Corbett Lobby and The Foundry
Corbett Lobby and The Foundry

The renovation of Corbett lobby and Corbett and Parmelee dining centers opened in Fall 2018 as The Foundry and achieved the goal of LEED Gold. This is Housing & Dining Services’ first LEED version 4.0 certified building and the second LEED for commercial interiors certification.

Academic Village - Aspen Hall
Academic Village - Aspen Hall

Aspen Hall has been certified as a LEED GOLD new construction building, by the United States Green Building Council.

Contains a thermal plant that cools the building by generating ice at night (when electricity rates are low) and melting that ice during the day.

The thermal plant features solar panels that since its original installation have produced over 81 megawatts of renewable energy.

Summit Hall/Laurel Village
Summit Hall/Laurel Village

Summit Hall

Summit Hall is the first building at CSU to achieve a LEED for existing buildings and operation maintenance certification.

To achieve this Gold certification, Summit Hall purchased e-clothes (which help reduce chemicals used in the building for cleaning), implemented a purchasing policy, provided green cleaning training for environment services staff, and installed aerators that help decrease water consumption.

Laurel Village

Pinon and Alpine Hall are certified LEED Gold buildings.

The complex, which was completed Fall 2014, features local stone, recycled materials, low VOC paints, and access to alternative transportation.

Solar Arrays

  • Braiden, Edwards, and Parmelee have solar arrays that produce 300kW of renewable electricity each year
  • The arrays were installed through a partnership with The Atmospheric Conservancy, City of Fort Collins, and Colorado State University

Braiden and Parmelee 4th floor Renovations

  • This project reused 98% of the existing structure in the renovation, giving these older residence halls an updated look without generating added waste
  • A high efficiency heating and cooling system will be installed as part of the renovation, as well as, higher rated insulation (R-25) and more energy efficient windows to lower operating and utility cost
  • Xeriscaping and additional bike racks will be added to promote alternative transportation
  • In the summer of 2014 Braiden Hall was equipped with its own on site solar. The solar will provide 100 kwh worth of energy for the building

Edwards and Ingersoll Exterior Renovations

  • In 2010, Edwards and Ingersoll halls were given an exterior retrofit
  • This included new exterior walls, windows, and energy efficient insulation, which increased the energy efficiency of the building by 300%
  • Steam heat costs in both halls were reduced by over 50% during the first three months after renovations (equivalent to $20,000 per building over the three-month period

Ultra Low Flow Shower Heads

  • A total of 731 ultra-flow showerheads were installed July 31st, 2011 in Braiden, Parmelee, Corbett, and Summit halls, and in South Aggie Apartments
  • The calculated water savings on an annual basis is 2.3M gallons of water, resulting in an annual savings of $10,300 in water/wastewater costs and another $13,482 in avoided fuel costs