Device Registration

Device registrations are no longer needed. Please connect your TV/gaming/etc. device to the csu-guest network

If you experience issues connecting your device please contact our help desk at 491-4734 or submit a work order below.

Click Here To Submit a Work Order

Some devices, such are Roku, Smart-TVs, Smart BlueRays, Gaming Consoles (Xbox 360, PS4, etc…) cannot connect to the wireless using your eID/password. These devices can get full high-speed network access by connecting to the ‘csu-guest’ network. If the device still does not work, please fill out the following form.

Standard laptops, computers and smartphones should be connected to the ‘csu-eid’ wireless network to get full network access. Connecting these to the guest network will only provide limited, low-speed access. If you continue to have access issues, please contact the Help Desk at

Registering Your Wireless Device

Please fill out the following information to register your wireless device for use on the Housing network. Additional instructions will be automatically sent to the email address provided in the form below.

NOTE: You must enter the correct MAC address or this will not make the needed change for your device.
You need to enter the MAC Address of the wireless interface if your device is capable of both wired and wireless access. If you need assistance in determining your MAC address, instructions can be found at or If needed, our Help Desk will be glad to help you determine the correct MAC address of your device. Contact them via phone at 970-491-4734 (M-F 8-5) or see the link at