Resources for Undocumented, DACA, & Asset Students

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Getting your RamCard

Visit the RamCard Office to request your RamCard. One original, secure and verifiable photo identification document must be presented to obtain a RamCard. Examples of these include:

  • A passport from any country, or

one of the following U.S. government-issued documents:

  • State photo driver license or driver permit,
  • State-issued identification card,
  • Military ID,
  • Employment Authorization Card, or
  • Permanent Resident Card

If you do not yet have one of these required documents, please start the process of obtaining one right away. Don’t delay! See the following information for tips and resources to help you get a necessary government-issued form of identification.

Colorado Driver License or State ID:

The Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles office has an Exceptions Process for obtaining a Colorado permit, driver license, or state ID for individuals who cannot present the standard documents used for requesting a state ID, driver permit, or driver license.

More information about this exceptions process can be found at

  • You can submit your Exceptions Processing application directly at one of four regional driver license offices – Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Fort Collins, and Grand Junction – for same day service. Or,
  • You can complete a Remote Exceptions Process by taking your application to any Colorado driver license office. Documents are forwarded to the Lakewood driver license office weekly for processing. It can take up to three weeks to complete Remote Exceptions Processing.

If you are a citizen of another country and are interested in obtaining a passport, contact your closest consulate to inquire about obtaining a passport. Anyone interested in requesting a passport from their consulate is advised to schedule an appointment as soon as possible, as the wait time could be weeks. If you plan to visit the Mexican consulate in Denver, please know they can issue same-day passports; however, an appointment is required.


If you have additional questions, please call 970-491-2344 or email for guidance about preparing to request your RamCard.