Move-In: What to Bring

Rooms are furnished with these basics (one item per student):

Mattress (twin extra-long*, 39`` x 80``)


To honor social distancing and limit staff entry of student residence halls rooms, we have suspended the bed lofting program this year. All beds will be set at the medium height (approximately 30″, see image below). Students cannot attempt to loft beds themselves as injury can occur and the bed may not be secure.

medium-height bed

Desk and Chair


Trash can and recycling bin

* Residence halls offer a limited number of extra-extra long beds, which need to be requested through the University Housing (Assignments Office) All rooms are equipped with window curtains

You will need to provide your own:

Bedding & bath supplies

You may wish to bring:



Surge protected power strip

Desk lamp (halogen lamps are not allowed)

Small chair or beanbag

Cleaning supplies

MicroFridge (or small microwave and refrigerator)

While not prohibited, due to the large amount of MicroFridges left at move out we discourage you bringing these to campus. As an option, we encourage you consider a MicroFridge that can be rented at

Do not bring:

Futons and other furniture

To keep move in and move out as streamlined as possible, we are asking students to limit belongings to small, easily portable items. The bed lofting program has also been suspended this fall to limit staff entry into rooms so there will not be space under beds for extra furniture items (there will 30″ of storage space).

Pets (a small fish tank is allowed)


Helpful Tips:
  • Each hall has a laundry facility in the building
  • Use of the laundry facility is included in the cost of room and board
  • Custodial services are provided for all bathroom facilities, corridors, floor lounges, and other public areas
  • It is your responsibility to clean your room (some supplies are provided at the front desk)
  • Contact your roommate(s) prior to arriving at CSU to plan what to bring