Braiden Hall Move In Info

Move In Hours

  • Key Communities: Wednesday, August 21 from 8am-12pm
  • All other Braiden residents: Thursday, August 22 from 8am-4pm

Check-in Location(s)

  • Key Communities: Tent on the lawn on the north side of Braiden
  • All other Braiden residents: Braiden hall lobby

Directions to Braiden Hall

Suggested Route (Gold route) Harmony Exit

  1. Head west on Harmony Rd. for just over 5 miles
  2. Turn right (north) onto S. Shields St.
  3. Turn right (east) onto Pitkin St. and continue straight for about one-quarter mile
  4. Take a left (north) into the Braiden parking lot at the end of Pitkin St.
  5. 30 MINUTE UNLOADING ZONES: Braiden Lot #470 and the south edge of Library Lot #425
  • Check-in is in the main floor lounge, entering through the front doors and exiting via the breezeways.

Temporary Parking & Unloading Zones for Move In

  • Once you have unloaded your belongings, please move your vehicle to temporary parking so others may unload (unloading zones are available 8 a.m.- 7 p.m. August 15-17 only).
  • The free CSU campus shuttle, Around the Horn, runs every 10 minutes to help students and visitors navigate across campus. Get routes & details
  • Please note that most neighborhoods surrounding campus have implemented a Residential Parking Permit Program that limits non-residents to 2 hours of parking per day. To avoid ticketing, please use the designated temporary parking lots on campus and/or follow Residential Parking Permit guidelines in off campus neighborhoods.

Mobile-friendly Move In Map on

Please note that Waze and Google Map directions are not recommended for Move In day.