Live & Learn – A Residential Curriculum Model

Living on campus provides the backbone of the overall CSU experience. Students who live on campus have higher GPAs than students who live off campus and Live and Learn focuses on integrating these principles. Live and Learn gives students living on campus the tools to ThriveConnect, Learn, and increase Awareness, which inevitably help to build connections and develop life skills. Students are guided by hall staff who create an inclusive, positive, shared learning experience through topics such as academics, safety, identity, and community living. Activities may include planned meetings/programs or intentional conversations with hall staff, posters/signage throughout the halls, or interactions with campus/community partners.

Learning Goals for Live & Learn

iconThriving: Utilize a growth mindset to foster a lifelong commitment to individual and collective wellness
iconConnections: Achieve reflection to create healthy relationships
iconLearning: Approach learning through an integrated cycle of curiosity, critical thinking, and application
iconAwareness: Critical examination and meaning making of how identities, experiences, and actions impact self and others