Communities & Housing Options

Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are programs organized to introduce and integrate academic and social learning in residence hall settings through faculty involvement.

Students who have been accepted to a Residential Learning Community will have the opportunity to be part of that community regardless of the building in which they are assigned to live.

Arts & Creative Expression (ACE)

Parmelee Hall
First-Year Students majoring in Art, Music, Dance & Theater. Provides students in the visual and performing arts a collaborative environment in which to grow creatively.

Amplify (College of Natural Sciences)

Laurel Village
A community for students with majors in the College of Natural Sciences, who are committed to engaging in academics, growing as independent thinkers, and contributing to the scientific community. Students participating in Amplify must be admitted through an application process.


Academic Village
Limited to Engineering majors only; Provides Engineering students with an academically supportive and fun environment.

Health & Exercise Science

Corbett Hall
In the HES Community, you will live with other students who are taking the same courses, have similar career goals, and with students that are often vested in living active and healthy lifestyles.


Academic Village & Edwards Hall
The goal of the Honors Program is to provide an enriched educational program of study for academically talented and motivated students at CSU. AV-Honors is reserved for first-year Honors students.

Key Communities

Braiden Hall
The Key Communities are highly diverse first and second-year learning communities designed to assist students with their transition to and through the university.

Key Plus (2nd Year)

Braiden Hall
Key Plus is an optional second-year and continuing student program for students who are or have participated in Key or Community for Excellence program.

Outdoor Leadership

Students have the opportunity to live and learn together, network with natural resources faculty and staff, and get hands-on experience in adventure education.

Sustainability Leadership

NRS students have the opportunity to live and learn together, network with natural resources faculty and staff, and get hands-on experience in environmental sustainability.


Parmelee Hall
The Transform community brings together students of diverse identities and backgrounds to connect, engage in dialogues, and learn across differences.

Themed Communities & Housing Options

Global Village

Parmelee Hall
One Community, a World of Culture. Global Village is an intercultural community bringing together International and Domestic students in a supportive, integrated living and learning environment.