Resident Assistant

Want to become an RA?

To apply to become an RA at Colorado State University, students need to meet the following requirements:

Resident Assistant (RA)•Good standing (2.0 undergraduate)

•Eligible to work in U.S. up to 20 hours/week

•No current conduct cases

•Student working toward graduation

•At least 15 credits at time of application

•2.5 GPA (undergraduate)

•Experience working with diverse individuals

•Two semesters of on-campus living by employment start date


POSITION: Resident Assistant (RA)
DEPARTMENT DESCRIPTION:University Housing is an office within the Department of Housing & Dining Services that supports CSU’s Principles of Community: Inclusion, Integrity, Respect, Service, and Social Justice. University Housing strives to create vibrant and inclusive communities throughout students’ on campus housing experience which enhance learning, personal and social growth, and global engagement. Our goal is to provide staff with inclusive environments that foster holistic professional development and opportunities to work with students, campus partners, and guests in a variety of areas in their lives. We aim to develop learning communities where residents can thrive and be retained as successful students. Staff are expected to uphold our values of customer first service, commitment to students and staff, integrity, respect and teamwork, inclusiveness and diversity, innovation, and stewardship.
POSITION SUMMARY:The Resident Assistant (RA) is a critical live-in student staff position that is responsible for assisting residence hall students individually and in groups. The RA’s primary role is to facilitate the creation of a positive residence hall environment which supports students’ transition, academic, and personal success. For this environment to develop, RAs engage residents in campus resources, conduct intentional conversations, and uphold University policies. All position responsibilities meet four intentional learning goals: Thriving, Connection, Awareness, and Learning.

1.      Establish and maintain an environment that is supportive of successful academic achievement.

2.      Implement strategies that contribute to students’ academic success.

3.      Exhibit successful academic role modeling behavior.

4.      Help students utilize academic and career resources on campus.

5.      Assist students in connecting with other students around common courses and academic/career interests.

6.      Respond to student behavior which may be indicative of academic problems.


Community Safety

1.      Serve in an on-call duty rotation, which includes holding a phone to respond to urgent resident needs, building community through regular community walks, and responding to policy concerns

2.      While serving on-call, may be asked to provide Community Desk coverage in the absence of available Desk Staff

3.      As a Campus Security Authority (CSA), RAs are required to report all information regarding alleged crimes that are reported to them in good faith by others, as well as information of alleged crimes that they personally witness. More information on the roles of CSAs available here.

4.      Respond to student behavior which involves incidents of bias based on race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability, veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy, in accordance with CSU’s Non-Discrimination Policy, available here.

5.      Uphold CSU’s Title IX “Responsible Employee” responsibilities, which include reporting all incidents of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, and retaliation through supervisors, per CSU’s policy, available here

4.      As a Mandatory Reporter, RAs must report all incidents of actual or suspected child abuse or neglect.

5.      Respond to and document maintenance concerns in and around the building.


Diversity and Inclusion

1.      Create a respectful community in which students’ stories are honored and all identities are welcome.

2.      Partner with Inclusive Community Assistants (ICAs) to highlight inclusion and equity in the community.

3.      Utilize strategies and promote activities that contribute to increasing students’ multicultural competence.

4.      Help students utilize diversity resources on campus.

5.      Demonstrate personal growth and self-awareness of own and others’ personal identities.

6.      Collaborate with Inclusive Community Assistants to create and maintain intentionally inclusive spaces.


Student Contact

1.      Maintain on-going interactions and conversations with residents individually and as a community.

2.      Know names and pertinent information about floor residents.

3.      Maintain a high profile in the hall and floor; be approachable and receptive.

4.      Encourage interaction among students and acknowledge the diversity within the community.

5.      Encourage students to utilize campus resources and work in partnership with other departments on campus.

6.      Communicate regularly with residents through bulletin boards, postings, floor meetings, and informal contact.


Community Development

1.      Assist residents in establishing community standards and in accepting responsibility for floor/individual issues.

2.      Facilitate regular community meetings.

3.      Encourage the development of an environment that is inclusive of the diverse backgrounds of residents.

4.      Mediate conflicts between residents.

5.      Actively participate in Ram Welcome activities and partner with Ram Welcome Leaders to assist residents to connect to the CSU community.

6.      Assist in the recruitment/development of student leaders for organizations such as RHA, NRHH, and Hall Council.

7.      Promote involvement in weekend campus and community alternative social events.

8.      Confront and document inappropriate behavior.

9.      Facilitate and implement strategies that connect students with each other.

10.   Promote learning and involvement opportunities that challenge growth.

11.   Assess student needs for community learning and activities.



Staff Functions

1.      Attend training activities: spring training, staff kick-off activities, fall training, and any required training programs throughout the year.

2.      Complete hall and administrative duties by assigned deadlines.

3.      Know, respond to, and follow up on floor/hall emergencies/procedures, serving as a front-line responder as a part of the duty system, including weeknight, weekend, and break times.

4.      Actively support other members of the residence hall staff; work collaboratively as a team.

5.      Support and adhere to University and Housing & Dining Services policies, regulations, and procedures.

6.      Assist in the selection and training of new staff.

7.      Complete paperwork in a thorough and timely manner.

8.      Keep supervisor informed of floor, resident, and facility issues, and assist in resolution as needed.

JOB QUALIFICATIONS:Required Qualifications:

1.      Hold good academic standing with the University

2.      15 or more completed credit hours at time of application

3.      No current or pending disciplinary incidents (prior incidents are not a disqualification, but all prior cases must be closed by time of hire)

4.      Maintain 6 or more credit hours per semester of employment at Colorado State University

5.      Available to attend weekly staff meetings on Tuesdays from 7:30pm – 9:30pm, when Fall and Spring term classes are in session

6.      Eligible to work in the U.S. up to 20 hours per week

7.      Enrolled at CSU and working toward graduation


Preferred Qualifications:

1.      2.5 GPA or higher

2.      Two or more experiences living in a residence hall at any college/university

3.      Demonstrated ability to relate with people of different cultural backgrounds

CONDITIONS OF EMPLOYMENT:1.      Consent to, and participate in, a background check

a.      Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of hire and background check

2.      Participate in a review of conduct records at Colorado State University prior to and throughout employment

3.      Enrolled at CSU and making progress toward their degree during their period of employment

4.      Expected and required to attend all training sessions, typically held in August prior to the fall semester, in January prior to the spring semester, and on the first Tuesday of each month during staff meeting times

5.      Expected and required to be present and working throughout the weekend following hall closings for Fall Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, and at the conclusion of the Spring semester

6.      Commit to one full academic year (considered Fall and consecutive Spring term) in the position

a.      Staff are not guaranteed a position at the close of the employment period

b.      To be considered for another year, staff must apply as a returner; evaluations and overall performance will be considered before staff are re-hired

7.      First semester RAs may not student teach or hold internships. After the first semester, experiences which will take the RA away from their building for significant time blocks are discouraged, and must be approved by the Residence Director before they are accepted

8.      Work 15-20 hours per week, in addition to on-call duty shifts. The RA job requires both regularly scheduled responsibilities (such as staff meetings and supervisory meetings), and times staff is available and accessible to community residents. RA work time should be planned in consultation with the supervisor and the RA should be accessible to residents for informal contact, especially during high activity times (typically 4:00 p.m. to midnight)

9.      Willing to remain on campus and working for a portion of time during Fall, Winter, or Spring Break periods

10.   Eligible to work in the United States. RAs are responsible for ensuring their eligibility to fulfill their role while remaining in compliance with all University, State, and Federal work regulations

11.   The State of Colorado has an at-will employment policy. This position may be revoked by the University at any time and for any reason

12.   RAs are University employees and must abide by all University policies, including University Housing policies and the Student Code of Conduct

13.   Must have access to a CSU email address ( or, to be used for all job responsibilities.

REMUNERATION:§  Single residence hall room within the assigned building/complex, which is available to RAs beginning the first week of August, until the Wednesday following Spring commencement in May

o   If assigned building closes during break periods, RAs will be required to relocate to another building during the break, if residing on campus.

§  21 meals per week in on-campus dining facilities

§  $150 RamCash per semester

§  At the conclusion of two semesters in the role, staff receive $200 as a direct deposit

o   At the conclusion of three semesters in the role, and every semester thereafter, staff receive $300 as a direct deposit

§  RAs who serve on-call/on-duty on University-sanctioned holidays and during break periods receive an hourly rate of the current minimum wage.

§  Remuneration may impact the amount of financial aid you receive. To learn more about possible impacts, it is the employee’s responsibility to contact the Office of Financial Aid to understand your specific circumstances.

DATES OF EMPLOYMENT:August 2, 2021 – May 16, 2022
BENEFITS:RAs can work with supervisors to take time away when sick or for personal reasons. This position does not offer healthcare or other benefits.
NUMBER OF VACANCIES:187 total positions across campus
TO APPLY:Please apply online at
BACKGROUND CHECK STATEMENT:Colorado State University conducts background checks on all final candidates, and all applicants must be 18 or older at time of hire and background check to be considered for a position.
  • What is required of my references?

    After you list your references on your application, they are sent a brief set of questions to answer regarding their perception of your work ethic, strengths, and areas of growth. A formal letter of reference is not required of them. References are very helpful in our hiring process, but we don’t penalize applicants if references do not submit the form by the deadline.
  • Can I stay over breaks as an RA?

    Yes. RAs hired for halls that will be open for Breaks are expected to provide duty coverage for residents who register to stay. Additional compensation is provided for Break Duty coverage. If RAs from other buildings are needed to cover Break Duty, RAs in open halls are expected to make their room and keys available for the duty RA to have a place to stay and access duty resources.