Community Desk Manager

The Community Desk Manager (CDM) is a student manager position within University Housing. The CDM assists in supporting the University Housing – Mission – “We strive to create vibrant and inclusive communities throughout students’ on campus housing experience which enhance learning, personal and social growth, and global engagement.” CDMs oversee the operation of the front desk in the residence halls and ensure high quality customer services to our students, families & guests; supervise the front desk staff; and are a part of the team creating an inclusive community within our residence halls.

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Community Desk Manager (CDM)

The Community Desk Manager (CDM) is a student manager position in the Office of Residence Life, Housing & Dining Services.  The CDM assists in supporting the Residence Life Mission: “To create safe and inclusive learning communities that support, challenge, and inspire all students to be ethical leaders and citizens in a diverse society.”  CDMs also assist in supporting Colorado State University’s Principles of Community: Inclusion, Integrity, Respect, Service, and Social Justice.  Finally, CDMs support Residence Life’s Pillars: Connections, Leadership Development, Diversity and Social Justice, Learning, and Professional Development. CDMs oversee the operation of the community desk in the residence halls and ensure high-quality customer service to our students, families, and guests; supervise Desk Staff members; and, assist in creating inclusive communities within the residence halls.


The Community Desk Manager supervises the community desk including hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluating the Desk Staff collaboratively with the Community Desk Coordinator and the hall’s Residence Director (RD). The CDM ensures the community desk is an effective resource for students and guests to gain information about campus and community resources. The CDM ensures mail and packages are managed in accordance with federal and state laws and any department/University policies. The CDM position is supervised by the Community Desk Coordinator.

The CDM position is a 20-hour a week position that includes participation in the CDM on-call rotation.

Position Responsibilities


  1. Conduct hiring, training, scheduling, and evaluation of desk staff in accordance with Residence Life’s Mission and Pillars.
  2. Participate in Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services required trainings, while encouraging participation of desk staff.
  3. Address performance concerns and issues in a timely manner and maintain appropriate documentation.
  4. Ensure completion and maintenance of all employment paperwork including evaluations, disciplinary documentation, and training information with appropriate Residence Life and Housing & Dining Services staff.
  5. Manage time clock and Oracle database functions.
  6. Maintain communication with staff and supervisors through emails, phone calls, and posted information.
  7. Conduct monthly staff meetings with desk staff.
  8. Serve in a rotating on-call capacity with other CDMs to provide immediate support for afterhours and weekend desk emergencies.

Customer Service & Administrative Functions

  1. Ensure high quality customer service including answering questions, resolving complaints and issues, and referring students and guests to appropriate staff and resources.
  2. Manage and oversee logging/accountability of mail and packages to meet all federal, state, University and department laws, policies, and guidelines.
  3. Respond appropriately to hall emergencies and provide support and follow-up to staff as needed.
  4. Complete administrative duties in a thorough and timely manner.
  5. Keep supervisor informed of and assist with community, resident, and facility issues.
  6. Conduct and maintain regular inventory of desk supplies and equipment for check-out.
  7. Complete regular key audits, including room, mail, and prox keys.

Diversity and Inclusion

  1. Attend training and on-going development for CDMs to promote inclusive excellence when working with those who interact with the desk and among the staff.
  2. Connect students with resources on campus including Student Diversity Programs and Services offices.
  3. Report student behavior that involves incidents of bias based on race, age, creed, color, religion, national origin or ancestry, sex, gender, disability veteran status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or pregnancy, to the RD/ARD, and in accordance with CSU’s Non-Discrimination Policy:
  4. Participate in CSU, Housing & Dining Services, and Residence Life trainings to continue learning about diversity and inclusion.

Positions Available

12 total


$14.52/hour, at approximately 20 hours per week during Fall and Spring semesters.


CDMs earn 1 hour of paid sick leave for ever 30 hours worked, up to 48 total hours.


Conditions of Employment

  1. CDMs must be enrolled at CSU and making progress toward their degree during their period of employment.
  2. CDMs must remain in good academic standing with the University; a GPA of 2.5 is preferred.
  3. The CDM position is intended for one academic year (fall and spring semesters.)
  4. The CDM must be able to work weekend shifts.
  5. Remuneration for this position is $14.52/hour.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Two semesters of experience as a desk staff member in a CSU residence hall by the start date as a CDM
  • Experience working with diverse populations
  • Strong administrative skills and attention to details
  • Previous leadership and facilitation experience
  • Experience providing excellent customer service
  • Computer skills, including Microsoft Office programs

CSU is an EO/EA/AA employer.

Colorado State University conducts background checks on all final candidates, and all applicants must be 18 or older at time of background check to be considered for a position.

All Community Desk Managers

Training Start Date: Monday, August 2nd, 2021, 8 a.m.

Check back in late Fall 2021 to find a timeline for our next application process.

  • What are the conditions to be considered for the CDM position?

    • Must have worked at a University Housing front desk for 2 full semesters before entering the CDM position
    • Enrolled CSU student, making progress towards your degree, and in good standing with CSU
    • The GPA requirement is a term and cumulative GPA of 2.0. Employees are expected to meet that requirement and maintain it during their period of employment. A GPA of 2.5 is preferred.
    • Experience working with diverse populations
    • The CDM position is for one academic year
    • Able to work overnight, weekend shifts and respond to emergencies as needed
    • Able to work autonomously, take initiative and provide leadership while also working as part of a team
    • Strong administrative skills and attention to details

  • What steps do I need to take to become a CDM?

    • Read all information online pertaining to the application process, review the job description and ask questions to make sure you understand the position.
    • Fill out this form; we will email you when the application and deadlines are available.

  • Do I get to decide where I am placed?

    We determine placements based upon the need of the communities and department overall. Our goal is to have a staff member that is able to connect with a variety of students.  Therefore, you will be able to provide a preference but we cannot guarantee you will be assigned to that hall.
  • When will I know if I am being offered a CDM position?

    You will be notified in April 2021 of the status of your application and if offered a position. Hiring is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check.
  • If I am offered a position, can I turn it down and still remain in the candidate pool?

    Unfortunately, no.  If you turn down the position for any reason, you are no longer a candidate for the CDM position.  You are welcome to apply during the next application process.
  • Is training mandatory?

    Yes, training is mandatory for all CDMs. Attending all training dates are mandatory and will not be excused unless clearance has been given by the Assistant Director of Staffing, Selection and Training, and the Community Desk Coordinator. Being unavailable for training dates could impact your application and selection as a CDM.
  • Do I work over breaks?

    • All CDMs should plan to remain on campus and working until the Monday of Fall Break and Spring Break, and the first Monday of Winter Break.
    • Some halls remain open during breaks.  CDMs and their supervisors are expected to coordinate Community Desk coverage during Fall Break, Spring Break, and Winter Break in Parmelee and Westfall, which remain open during breaks.
    • CDMs may return from breaks early to help reopen halls, which can be determined by CDMs and their supervisor.

  • What is the remuneration for the CDM position?

    • $14.52
    • The CDM position is a 20-hour a week position.