Assistant Resident Manager

Want to become an ARM?

Thank you for your interest in the Assistant Resident Manager (ARM) positions in University Housing. These positions offer hands-on experience to graduate students invested in working with traditional and non-traditionally aged college students in a Housing setting.

University Housing collaborates closely with the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) graduate program at CSU to fill ARM vacancies. If vacancies arise midyear, or if additional vacancies remain after hiring through the SAHE program, University Housing then accepts applications from non-SAHE graduate students across campus. If you are not applying for or currently admitted to the SAHE program and would like to be contacted if ARM vacancies arise, please submit your information here. You will be contacted should any vacancies arise.

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University Housing

Assistant Resident Manager (ARM)

General Description

  • Single Student Housing – Aggie Village
    12-month Live-in Assistant Resident Manager for this newly built 1-4 bedroom and studio apartment community with residents who are single upper class undergraduate students in the Intercultural Connections Community (ICC) and single graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and faculty. Residents represent more than 80 nations.
  • Family Housing – Aggie Village Family or University Village
    12-month Live-in Assistant Resident Manager for a 2-3 bedroom apartment community for traditional and non-traditional students, couples with or without children, single-parent families, and staff. Residents represent more than 80 nations.
  • International House/1500 Apartments
    12-month Live-in Assistant Resident Manager for a 1-2 bedroom apartment community with residents who are primarily single undergraduate students and non-traditional undergraduate students, in addition to students with families at the University Village 1500 area. Residents represent more than 80 nations.

Primary Responsibilities
The Assistant Resident Manager positions within each unique Apartment Life community share all
responsibilities and duties.

  • Cooperatively manage and evaluate all aspects of the Apartment operations
  • Select, train and supervise a diverse live-in student staff
  • Coordinate educational, cultural, and social programs
  • Manage a program budget
  • Develop a positive liaison relationship with all administrative and support staff
  • Managers must actively encourage appreciation of diversity, celebration of difference, and understanding and cooperation among residents

Professional Competencies Offered

  1. Ability to teach and model respect for shared community values, including establishing maintaining an inclusive community promoting civic education.
  2. A willingness to engage in sustained dialogue in order to reach an understanding of the issue presented.
  3. The ability to use sound, effective written and oral communication techniques and strategies within student affairs practice.
  4. The ability to communicate in an inclusive manner.
  5. Relate effectively to a wide range of people and appreciate individual difference, with cultural sensitivity.
  6. Build rapport, show compassion, and understanding for others, and establish and maintain mutually satisfying relationships.
  7. Supervise and train diverse student affairs staff, students, and/or professionals.
  8. The ability to develop creative solutions to complex problems and see opportunities where others see obstacles.
  9. The ability to engage in the process of change instead of defend against it.
  10. Basic legal, contractual, and liability issues involved in college student affairs practice.
  11. Cross-cultural and diversity related issues within the context of higher education.
  12. Perform administration functions and services in selected student affairs.
  13. Develop, implement, and evaluate educational and student service based programs
  14. Formulate goals; implement strategies for achieving goals through efficient and effective use of resources and evaluation of goal attainment.
  15. Meet deadlines and produce quality results.
  16. Adherence to and value for personal and professional ethical standards through ethical practice.
  17. Ability to work with others within a team context.
  18. Ability to make appropriate modifications to behavior based on self-monitoring and constructive feedback.

Desired Qualifications

  • Must be a graduate student currently enrolled at Colorado State University
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Ability to work independently on projects
  • Ability to work well within a team atmosphere
  • Experience or interest in working with international staff and residents
  • A diverse background to work well with a diverse student population including international students
  • Experience with student development
  • Experience with student organizations and/or leadership programs
  • Experience with program development
  • Experience with program and staff management
  • Experience with Living Learning Community

Terms of Employment

Hours per week: 25
Months per year: 12 (2 year commitment)
Starting date: July 1 – July 11, 2017 (TBD)
Ending date: June 30, 2018 (with year 2 renewal based on performance)


Stipend: $1,935/month (current rate)
Tuition: Full tuition waiver during the first year (in-state portion only after the first year)
More information: Rent-free apartment which includes, at no charge, utilities, and internet connection.

Office Location

Aggie Village – 500 W. Lake Street, West Building
University Village – 1600 W. Plum St. Building 34
Aggie Village Family – 500 W. Prospect Rd. Building 24
International House/1500 Apartments – 1400 W. Elizabeth St.

CSU is an EO/EA/AA employer.
Colorado State University conducts background checks on all final candidates, and all applicants must be 18 or older at time of background check to be considered for a position.

  • Do you hire graduate students from any graduate program?

    We work closely with the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) graduate program at Colorado State University. If additional vacancies arise or remain, we will outreach to graduate students outside of the SAHE program.
  • When do you typically accept applications for ARD and ARM positions?

    SAHE students are asked to accept or decline offers by April 15th. We are most likely to be aware of vacancies after that date. Vacancies also sometimes arise mid-Fall or mid-Spring semester, in which case we would outreach to interested graduate students.