Assistant Residence Director

Want to become an ARD?

Thank you for your interest in the Assistant Residence Director (ARD) position in University Housing. These positions offer hands-on experience to graduate students invested in working with traditional and non-traditionally aged college students in a Housing setting.

University Housing collaborates closely with the Student Affairs in Higher Education (SAHE) graduate program at CSU to fill ARD vacancies. If vacancies arise midyear, or if additional vacancies remain after hiring through the SAHE program, University Housing then accepts applications from non-SAHE graduate students across campus. If you are not applying for or currently admitted to the SAHE program and would like to be contacted if ARD  vacancies arise, please submit your information here. You will be contacted should any vacancies arise.

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Assistant Residence Director (ARD)

The Assistant Residence Director, designed to be a two-year experience, is responsible for assisting in creating a dynamic housing experience that enhances personal growth and global engagement within one residence hall or complex.  This requires coordination of student staff, student leaders, and management staff to achieve the goals and objectives of Residence Life, which includes creating safe and inclusive learning communities that support, challenge, and inspire all students to be ethical leaders and citizens in a diverse society. The Assistant Residence Director, as an administrative official of the University and a member of the residence life senior staff, is expected to develop the skills required in the position and to integrate them with an understanding of student development theory and social awareness issues.  In addition, the Assistant Residence Director must understand and accept the responsibilities that come with being a role model for students and staff.  The Assistant Residence Director will act in partnership with the Residence Director in the coordination, supervision, and administration of the residence hall.  The Assistant Residence Director’s responsibilities will be carried out under the supervision of the Residence Director.

Skills and Responsibilities

Supervision – The Assistant Residence Director will:

  • Select, train, supervise, and evaluate the student staff.
  • Supervise student staff in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of their programming efforts, community building, and policy enforcement.
  • Provide guidance and support to staff through consistent, individual contact meetings and group staff meetings.
  • Provide feedback to staff concerning community development and programming efforts through attendance and observation of programs.

Administration – The Assistant Residence Director will:

  • Assume shared responsibility for the administration of the residence hall.
  • Facilitate the development, implementation, and evaluation of policies within the hall through involvement at both hall and system-wide levels.
  • Perform on-call duty as designated.
  • Help prepare a Transition Report, following the guidelines provided, in order to ensure consistency during staff turnover from year-to-year.
  • Be available to students on a regular basis via office hours.

Student Conduct – The Assistant Residence Director will work with staff and students to establish and affirm standards of conduct appropriate to communal living and support of the academic and residence life missions.

  • Investigate, conduct hearings, determine responsibility and sanctions, and write follow-up letters honoring the due process rights of students.
  • Track discipline in hall.

Assistant Residence Director (con’t.)

  • Leadership Development – The Assistant Residence Director will either advise the Hall Council and other leadership groups within the hall, or coordinate and supervise student staff in their leadership development areas of emphasis.
  • Community Development and Residential Learning Communities – The Assistant Residence Director will provide leadership, supervision, and support for the implementation of the Community Development model on the floors, working with the RLC advisors and other community development initiatives.
  • Inclusiveness and Diversity – The Assistant Residence Director will be responsible for creating an inclusive environment for students in their community. This includes providing training in the area of inclusiveness and diversity for their staff.
  • Resource to Students – The Assistant Residence Director will develop individual relationships with students and serve as an advisor and counselor for academic, transition, and/or personal concerns.
  • Liaison to the Department of Housing and Dining Services and the University Community – The Assistant Residence Director will establish positive working relationships with other residence hall and departmental staff and university service staffs.
  • Professional and Personal Development – The Assistant Residence Director will take responsibility for ongoing growth in all parts of the position.
  • Responsibilities and work within each building varies based on the partnership with each Residence Director, as well as the needs of each community and building.

Terms of Employment

  • Enrollment – Assistant Residence Directors must be enrolled at Colorado State University as a graduate student during the period of employment.
  • Period of Employment – A ten-month period beginning with the onset of fall orientation and training and ending four days after spring commencement. Summer employment may be available.  Assistant Residence Directors may not accept additional employment without prior approval.
  • Academic Load – Assistant Residence Directors:
    • Are expected to appropriately balance their academic, assistantship, and personal commitments. Assistant Residence Directors must have supervisor approval to enroll in more than 13 credit hours each semester.
    • Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. Assistant Residence Directors whose semester/term grade point average falls below a 3.0 will have one probationary semester to meet the minimum requirements.  Assistant Residence Directors whose cumulative or term GPA falls below 3.0 for two consecutive semesters will be released from their position.
  • Time Commitment – The Assistant Residence Director must be willing to commit a significant portion of time to their position. It is important that the Assistant Residence Director be available to staff and students.  Some specific time requirements are evening meetings, hall weekend retreats, and special hall/campus events that require staff support.  In addition to specific time requirements, part of the Assistant Residence Director’s time is spent “on call.”  While the total amount of time devoted to the position varies with the individual, it is the intent of this office to be in full compliance with appropriate Fair Labor Standards.  The Assistant Residence Director is responsible for ensuring duty coverage in the hall during both the Fall and Spring Break weeks.
  • Time Off – The Assistant Residence Director is expected to set aside an adequate amount of time to devote to their academic program and personal needs and interests. Schedules should be made to allow Assistant Residence Directors a minimum of one weekend off per month.

Assistant Residence Director (con’t.)

  • Remuneration – For the employment period, the “Any 21” meal plan (21 meals per week, 20 bonus meals plus $150 RamCash for use at food locations in the Lory Student Center, residential dining centers, laundry, and more), an apartment, and a graduate stipend. In addition, tuition for each graduate assistant is provided as follows:  During the first ten months of employment, full tuition is provided by the Department of Housing and Dining Services.  After this period of employment, only the in-state portion of the graduate assistant’s tuition will be provided.  Given this payment schedule, graduate assistants may wish to apply for in-state residency status at the beginning of their contract period.  The stipend will be paid July through May, with approximately ½ months pay during both July and May.
  • Benefits – The Assistant Residence Director may have one adult (a spouse or adult guest) and any children or legal dependents living in the apartment during the employment period. In addition, a “Any 14” (14 meals a week) meal plan will be provided for the adult guest.  Children from 1-5 receive board at no cost; children from 6-12 will receive a one-third reduction in the cost of board.

CSU is an EO/EA/AA employer.
Colorado State University conducts background checks on all final candidates, and all applicants must be 18 or older at time of background check to be considered for a position.