Open the site in your web browser (please note that you will have to accept the certificate in order to use this site), then log in with your EID;

From the Papercut user home page lick on "Web Print" from the left side menu;

Click on "Submit a Job";

Select the "Residence Hall Printers" virtual queue, and click on "Print Options and Account Selection" ;

If you want to change the number of copies do that now, then click on "Upload Document";

Click on "Choose file", note that only the listed file types can be printed through this service - any other file types must first be saved as one of these;

Select the file to print from your computer, and then click on "Upload and Complete";

You should then see your print job held in the queue, ready to be released from a designated print release station;

Additional Notes: 

  • Print jobs are held in the queue for 1 hour before being dropped, so you must release your print job from a Print Release Station within that timeframe.
  • The Housing Printers do not have a Grayscale option when using the Web Print, so each page will be $0.12 (less a 25% discount for duplex printing).  If you wish to save money by printing in grayscale, you may select the Library BW Printers.