Our Promise

We commit to being responsible stewards, actively involving our students, guests and staff in resource conservation, waste reduction, and sustainable practices and programs.

View the Housing & Dining Services Climate Action Sub-Plan

Just a Few of our Sustainability Initiatives


Green Dining:

  • Over 24% of the food served in the dining centers is organic or locally grown and/or supplied
  • Dining centers divert 92% of food waste from the landfill through composting and waste to energy programs
  • Leftover food from the dining centers is donated to the Larimer County Food Bank

Green Buildings: Housing & Dining Services is committed to increasing water efficiency, conserving energy, managing waste, reusing materials and LEED Certified Building (a voluntary, consensus-based, market­-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings)

  •  The Pavilion at Laurel Village is the fist building on the main CSU campus to pursue LEED Platinum certification. Alpine and Piñon halls are pursuing LEED Gold Certification
  • In 2014 Summit Hall was the first building at CSU to be certified Gold LEED EBOM (Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance)
  • The Durrell Center remodel in 2013 achieved a LEED Gold Commercial Interiors certification
  • In 2009 Aspen hall opened with a LEED Gold certification. Learn more about Aspen's green features

Green Power:

  • In 2014 a 100 KW solar array was installed on Braiden Hall and an array planned on Parmelee in 2015.
  • Aspen hall is powered by an energy–efficient thermal plant. The plant reduces energy demand by making ice at night when electric rates are lowest and then reverses the process during the day to melt the ice and cool the building. The other half of the system is a solar array.
  • Renewable electricity is purchased through renewable energy credits for all public spaces in Housing & Dining Services on an annual bases. This adds up to over 3 million KWH of green power being generated for the department.

For additional details on our sustainability initiatives please see our Annual Sustainability Report (PDF).