Repairs of existing components:

  • Room Finishes – carpet, paint doors
  • Fixtures – lights, plumbing, heat registers, fans, window screens
  • Hardware – locks, windows, knobs, mirrors
  • Furniture – wardrobes, dressers, closet doors

Routine requests for maintenance in YOUR living space can be placed by filling out the online work order request form or calling 491-7171. After 4:30pm you may leave a voice message. When making a request in any venue you MUST include:

  • Name
  • Call back number (let us know the best time to reach you if we have questions about your request)
  • Residence hall
  • Room number
  • Nature of the problem

NOTE: All requests received will be processed on the next REGULAR BUSINESS day. You should expect response or feedback within 2 business days. If this does not occur DO NOT place another work order, contact Customer Service at 491-7171 and inquire about the status of your request.

The following requests must go through Residence Hall or Apartment office staff:

  • Room locks and keys
  • Furniture changes
  • Pest control
  • Common and public areas
  • Laundry or cash-to-card machine problems - please call the RamCard Office at (970) 491-2344
  • Elevator concerns or issues

What Operations does not repair

  • Network Repairs – contact Technology Services at 491-4734 or go to the Technology website.
  • Computer Repairs – contact ACNS at 491-7276 or visit the ACNS website to inquire about repair services.
  • Cable Television Repair – Contact ACNS at 491-1313 for cable repair service.
  • Refrigerator and Microwave rental equipment: Collegiate Concepts provides this  service and can be reached at 1-888-929-0806(toll free).
  • Telephone Repair – If you have purchased a telephone subscription contact Telecommunications at (970) 491-5881 or get information on the Telecommunications website.  Telephone service is provided in campus apartments, not the residence halls.