Residence Hall Printing

Housing and Dining Services has recently implemented a print station program to allow you to print to central printers located within each residence hall.  This Residence Hall printing is now available in all of the residence halls.

We currently offer two ways to print your documents to the Residence Hall Printers.  You may use the Web Print option, which requires you to upload your document to the Papercut website, or Windows users may opt to install the Residence Hall printer driver to your personal computer so you can use it as a regular printer without the need to upload your files to the Papercut website.  Instructions for each option are on the left.

Here's a brief overview of the system:

  • Current rates are $.04 per page in B&W and $.12 per page in color, with a 25% discount for duplex printing.
  • Visit to manage your account, add credit, transfer funds, request refunds, and utilize the Web Print option.
  • When you send jobs to the print queue they will still need to be released at a print release station in order to actually be printed and billed.  Print jobs not released within one hour will be dropped by and deleted from the print server.
  • As jobs are billed per page and at different rates for monochrome or color, be sure to check your print preferences to be sure your job is submitted as you intend and check the billing at the print release station before releasing the job.
  • The web-browsing kiosks in each Residence Hall lobby have been configured with the Print Release software.  Double-click on the Print Release icon on the desktop to launch the Print Release software, and log in with your eID.If your college is taking part in the central print management program, your quota will be applied to these printers as well as the printers in your lab.  If you do not currently have a quota in this system, you will need to transfer money from your RamCash account to your print quota before you will be able to print.  You can transfer funds by visiting the Papercut site and selecting the "Add Credit" link.