We are excited to welcome you and your student to Colorado State University's Housing & Dining Services. Our goal is to inform you and your student about the resources and services we offer. It has been found that parents' interest and involvement in students' college life is a very strong factor in their college success.

What Parents & Families Should Know about Living on Campus

Residence Life Mission & Principles

Tour the Residence Halls
Residence hall tours are available Monday-Friday at 11:00am and 2:00pm at the following Halls: Allison (1st floor north), Aspen (1st floor), Laurel Village Alpine (1st floor north), and Parmelee (1st floor south). Visit the hall's front desk to be escorted on a tour of a model room.

Academic Environment
Quiet hours and study resources are available to enhance students' academic success. Research has shown that on average, students living in residence halls obtain higher grade-point averages. Learn more about the Academic Environment

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs)
Most of these communities are available at no extra charge and are designed for students who want to live with other students who share their interests and/or academic major.

Residence Hall Names & Locations

Residence Hall Safety & Security

Room & Board Rates

Parent and Family Notification

Supporting Your Student's Transition to College

For additional information about residence hall policies and living on campus, visit reshallpolicies.colostate.edu.

What Parents & Families Should Know about Dining on Campus

Meal Plans & Rates

  • Meal plans for on-campus students are included in the room & board rates
  • An off-campus student meal plan allows students who live in apartments and houses away from campus to eat on campus at any of our dining centers

RamCash dollars can be used to do laundry, pay parking fees, and purchase a la carte items or meals across campus.

Special Dining Needs

  • Our online dining menu and signs in the dining centers help identify Vegan, Vegetarian, Eat Well, Local Products, Contains Nuts, and Gluten-free items (located in designated gluten-free zones).
  • Our Registered Dietitian can also provide additional information at (970) 491-4714 or Brittney.Sly@colostate.edu.

Special Events for Parents

Ram Welcome: Explore CSU
Ram Welcome festivities will kick off on move in day with a weekend jam packed with great CSU events for students and parents.

Homecoming/Family Weekend
Parents are invited to join Colorado State University in October as we celebrate Homecoming with a parade, football game, concert, and other fun activities.

Dine on Campus as our Guest
Parents and legal guardians are welcome to eat with their residence hall student twice every two weeks at any of our dining centers or express locations for free! Visitors may also purchase a meal ticket and eat at any dining center.

CSU Parent Resources

Admissions Office Parent Page
As the parent of a student considering Colorado State University, you are a critical part of the college search and application process. This website has been designed specifically with you in mind and includes tips to help your student, feature articles about the University, and important University links.

Division of Student Affairs Parent and Family Member Site
This resource site features online versions of the Parent and Family member newsletter that is produced by the Division of Student Affairs.

CSU Health Network

This website features information related to health and wellness services on campus, as well as immunization information.

CSU Visitors Center
Visit the CSU Visitors Center and learn more about the University. You will receive helpful information, have your questions answered, and feel welcomed.

Fort Collins Community
See what a fun and fascinating city Fort Collins is and what it offers.

Residence Hall Phone Numbers

  • Academic Village
    (970) 491-5807
  • Allison Hall
    (970) 491-5814
  • Braiden Hall
    (970) 491- 5822
  • Corbett Hall
    (970) 491-5827
  • Durward Hall
    (970) 491-5963
  • Edwards Hall
    (970) 491-5854
  • Ingersoll Hall
    (970) 491-5878
  • Laurel Village
    (970) 491-1565
  • Newsom Hall
    (970) 491-5872
  • Parmelee Hall
    (970) 491-5982
  • Summit Hall
    (970) 491-5804
  • Westfall Hall
    (970) 491-5954


Mailing Addresses

For all mail and deliveries, please use this format:
Student Name
Room # Hall Name
Fort Collins, CO 80521


  • Using "Colorado State University" or the university zip code "80523" in the address will delay arrival since residence hall mail is delivered directly from the Fort Collins Post Office to the residence halls.
  • Because a photo ID is required to identify package recipients, packages addressed to someone who does not live in the room (such as parents) or using a nickname will be returned to sender. Ordering items under an alias or fictitious name is considered mail fraud.