Environmental Services

Q: How often is my bathroom cleaned?

  • Braiden, Corbett, Parmelee, Summit (two rooms share a bathroom) –cleaned weekly
  • Academic Village (rooms have individual bathrooms) – cleaned every other week
  • Allison, Durward, Edwards, Ingersoll, Newsom, Westfall (central bathroom) – cleaned daily

Q: Does Environmental Services clean my room?

No. Students must clean their own rooms. There are vacuums, certain cleaning supplies, and trash bags made available to students.

Q: Who takes the trash out of my room?

Students are responsible for taking their own trash to the dumpster or recycle areas. Trash bags are available at the front desk.

Q:How do I apply for employment with the Expanded Student Employment (ESE) program at Ingersoll Hall and Edwards Hall? How do I apply for work during the summer?

Contact the Environmental Services Supervisor in the building/apartment where you live for information, or contact Katie Dunphy at 970-491-1340

Customer Service

Q: How do I get something fixed?

Please submit your work order requests through the online work order request form. If the repair or service is for locks, furniture, or insects, please see your office manager.

Q: Can you help me get online with my computer?

Computer and networking assistance is available through Housing & Dining Services' Technology Services office. They can be reached at 491-4734. They can also be reached at hfstech@colostate.edu.

Q: Do I call customer service if I have problems with my telephone?

The campus phone system in the apartments is maintained by the Telecommunications Department. If you are an apartment resident experienceing problems with your service you need to dial “0” and the campus operator will take the call as trouble on the line. You will report it by the phone number.

Q: Where do I call if I have questions about my microfridge unit?

Microfridge rentals are handled through a contract between the resident and a private company, Collegiate Concepts. You can reach them on a toll free number 1-888-929-0806, or online at www.collegefridge.com.

Q: Why does the trash truck start so early?

Solid waste removal on campus is provided by Facility Services. It is necessary to begin early so they can service all areas on campus and to transport waste while the county landfill is accessible.

University Apartments

Q: How do I request routine maintenance services for my apartment?

Residents should use the online work order request form whenever possible. Residents may also contact their respective apartment complex office staff to place a work request during normal business hours. Each of the apartment offices also has photo/pictorial representation for many common maintenance requests. This is provided to assist our residents where English may not be the predominate language. Please submit your work order requests through the online work order request form

Q: How do I request after hours urgent or emergency maintenance service?

Residents need to contact the apartment staff on duty for assistance in contacting Operations Management’s after hours maintenance. A staff member is always on call whenever the apartment complex offices are not open.

Q: Do I have to be present for maintenance requests?

No. By submitting a work request you are requesting us to perform the service during normal business hours. Maintenance personnel will leave a notice (doorknob hangtag) advising they have entered your apartment to address your request. This notice will indicate the work is completed or that follow up is required.

Q: How do I identify maintenance staff?

All Housing Operations staff will be wearing a University photo identification badge in addition to the familiar white or green shirts with our custom logo. As additional security all Operations Management staff undergo background investigations.

Q: How can I get furniture removed from my apartment?

Please work with the office manager in your area. There is a form required for tracking purposes. This will avoid charges for missing furniture when you check out.

Furniture Options for University Apartments

Q: What is the Furniture Options Program?

The Furniture Options Program offers apartment residents an opportunity to modify the furnishings of their apartment before they move in. Once the resident moves in, they have 24 hours to change their furniture options request at no charge. After the 24 hour period, a $25.00 charge per request will be assessed.

Q: Can I order any type of furniture at any of the four apartment complexes?

International House has limits. In the living room, a resident may have one couch, and one living room chair. In each bedroom, they may have one single bed, one desk, one desk chair, and one dresser. Aggie and University Village are only limited to one desk and one desk chair per apartment, one dresser more than the number of bedrooms, either one couch or one loveseat, but not both, and an extra double bed for graduate apartments, if requested. If you have visitors coming, guest mattresses are available. Please contact the office manager in your area to arrange this. If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please contact Alex Martinez at (970) 491-0867.

Moving Assistance Programs

On opening day, Colorado State University employees as well as fraternity and sorority members will be available to assist in moving your belongings into the residence halls from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. This service is free! Dollies and flat carts are available from the front office to make your move easier. Additional dumpsters are available and we also provide corrals to collect cardboard for recycling. There are information booths at various locations outside to assist you, answer questions, and provide brochures, coffee, water, and a smile or two. We are happy to have you here at CSU!


If there are questions regarding the Moving Assistance Program, or if you wish to volunteer for this program, please contact Sherry Leeper at (970) 491-7172 or Alex Martinez at (970) 491-0867.


At the end of the school year, we also provide assistance. Moving boxes are available at your front office beginning the first week in May, at a cost of $1.00 each. Tape is also provided at no charge. Dollies and flat carts are once again available for your use. Additional dumpsters are also provided.