Intercultural Connections Community Group Photo  Intercultural Connections Community Students

The Intercultural Connections Community (ICC) is a unique community within the University Apartments for single undergraduate students, 23 years of age or younger, who have fulfilled the live-in requirement and are interested in an intercultural living experience and broadening their world view. Through a wide range of programming and educational opportunities, we seek to foster personal growth and global awareness, and to promote intercultural competence and academic success. While living in the ICC, students attend two programs of their choice per semester designed to integrate them to the ICC community and develop their intercultural competency skills.

ICC is perfect for Students With an Interest in

  • Diversity
  • Global/International Affairs
  • Studying Abroad
  • A Living-Learning Community
  • Meeting academic, career, and personal goals
  • Interest in community service, volunteerism, and active community involvement

Apartment Life Resident at Friday Afternoon Club  Friday Afternoon Club at International House


  • Great study environment that promotes academic success
  • Live-in staff available to help
  • Diverse community - approximately 70% of our students are from foreign countries and represent varied races, religions, sexual orientations, and abilities
  • A more mentored living-learning experience
  • Family-friendly and student focused community

Events & Activities

  • Friday Afternoon Clubs (FAC's) – Held every Friday at the International House
  • United Tastes of America – A program featuring traditional foods from all 50 states of the US
  • Knowing The World & Knowing The U.S. Nights – Cultural awareness programs featuring interactive presentations, music, dance, cultural displays, and traditional foods highlighting domestic and international cultures.
  • Over 300 other passive and active programs around personal, academic, and wellness skill development, and career goals