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Residential Learning Communities

Residential Learning Communities (RLCs) are programs organized to introduce and integrate academic and social learning in residence hall settings through faculty involvement.

Arts and Creative Expression (ACE) Parmelee Hall
College of Natural Sciences Learning Community Laurel Village
Engineering Academic Village & Edwards Hall
Equine Community Ingersoll Hall
Global Village Parmelee Hall
Health and Exercise Science Corbett Hall
Honors Residential Learning Academic Village & Edwards Hall
International Theme Community Westfall Hall
Key Academic, Key Explore, Key Service,Key Health Professions (1st year track) Braiden Hall
Key Civic Corbett Hall
Key Plus (2nd year track) Braiden Hall
Leadership Development Durward Hall
Living Substance Free Summit and Westfall Halls
Natural Resources and Sustainability Summit Hall
Outdoor Leadership Summit Hall

Apply online

If you’ve already submitted your housing application and are interested in joining an RLC, call the assignments office at (970) 491-4719 or email to obtain information regarding space availability.

Open Housing

In our on-going mission to provide housing that meets the diverse needs and interests of ALL students, we are proud to offer Open Housing in designated spaces in Summit Hall. Open Housing provides students a community where roommates and/or suitemates of any gender can live together in a more integrated environment. Open Housing is also reflective of the housing choices/opportunities available to students off-campus where they can select their roommate of choice. Some examples of students who may be interested in Open Housing include but are not limited to:

  • Students with a disability wishing to room with a student attendant of the opposite sex
  • Cultural accommodations, such as living with a student relative or guardian
  • Students who identify as transgender or gender non-conforming requesting a roommate based on comfort and support rather than biological sex (i.e. friend or ally)
  • Depressed/anxious student requesting a non-binary gender roommate for support
  • Siblings, cousins, and childhood friends of varying gender identities (i.e. male/female siblings or twins)
  • Students seeking a mixed gender housing option

To request Open Housing, fill out the online housing application and select Summit Hall Open Housing as your #1 hall choice. Complete the required application questions that come up when you continue to the next page.

Substance Free Housing

If you are committed to enjoying college without using alcohol, tobacco, or drugs, this option in Summit Hall and Westfall Hall offers an environment to support that decision. Students who choose to abstain from alcohol and/or drugs for personal, religious, or health reasons, as well as those from alcoholic backgrounds or recovering from addictions, are invited to participate. You must complete an application and be accepted into this community. To apply:

  • Select Living Substance Free in the RLC section of your housing application
  • Complete the application questions that come up when you continue to the next page
  • If you have already completed your housing application and did not select the Living Substance Free Community, please contact the Residence Life Assignments Office at or (970) 491-4719 to request the application.

Transfer Students

Hall assignments for transfer students will begin in late March. To honor the freshman live-in requirement, assignments for first year students will be priority but premium designated spaces have been set aside for upperclass and returning students.

  • Single rooms, double rooms, suite rooms, and designated upperclass housing available for transfer students
  • Transfer students will be assigned to the Transfer Communities in Allison, Braiden, and Summit halls, which offer transfer students support, connections and resources. Learn more about the Transfer Community
  • Apply through the online Housing Application (eID required)

Returning Students

Housing Options - Designated premium spaces for returning students

  • Laurel Village
  • Aspen Hall
  • Parmelee 4th floor lofts
  • Braiden 4th floor lofts (Key Plus returning students)
  • Single Rooms

View Additional Info and Application

Year 2 @ CSU Community (Laurel Village)

Residence Life and Orientation & Transition Programs (OTP) are co-sponsoring the Year 2 @ CSU community in Laurel Village.  Forty spaces in suite-style rooms have been designated for students to live in a community that is focused on the second year experience.  Career workshops, outdoor adventure experiences, service learning projects and experiences will be part of this year-long residential experience.  This themed community will ask residents to sign a learning agreement.  No class is required to participate in this community. Any current first year student is welcomed to apply to live in this exciting new community for the next academic year!