Guests, as well as parents/guardians, are always welcome to dine with us. CSU meal plan holders can use meal plan swipes to bring guests in to eat**.  If your CSU member does not have a meal plan, or if you are not affiliated with a CSU meal plan holder, you must purchase a meal at the door.  The RDS at the door prices are listed below:

  Adult Child*
Breakfast $12.20 $8.50
Lunch $12.20 $8.50
Dinner $12.20 $8.50

* Children between the ages of 5-10 qualify for child price. Children under 5 eat free.

** Residence hall meal plans include regular weekly meal plan swipes, and 20 bonus meals.  Regular weekly meal plan swipes are non-transferrable in part or full, so a bonus meal must be used for any guests.

Visiting Parents and Guardians

Available during the academic year (not available during summer session)
Parents and legal guardians are welcome to eat with their residence hall student twice every two weeks at any of our dining centers or express locations for free! To be admitted, parents or guardians need to be accompanied by their student and introduced to the meal checker.