2012 Eco Leaders at a Recycling/Composting Station  Cardboard Coral at Move In

Eco Leaders are peer educators in the residence halls and Aggie Village apartments who help raise awareness about sustainability issues and encourage environmentally-responsible behaviors throughout the academic year. There is one Eco Leader per residence hall and several at Aggie Village who engages campus residents in sustainability areas such as waste reduction, energy conservation, sustainable transportation, and recycling and composting. The Eco Leader program in the halls also has an academic component with a mandatory class each Thursday from 4pm-5:15pm. Eco Leaders earn credits for the course and receive a housing stipend for their engagement efforts.

The Eco Leaders program started in 2011 and has grown each year since.

Program Requirements:

  • Academic year commitment (Eco Leaders must commit to fall and spring semesters)
  • Commit 5 hours per week to peer-to-peer sustainability engagement to receive a $1,000 housing reimbursement per semester (pending successful completion of program requirements)
  • Attend a mandatory class on Thursdays from 4pm to 5:15pm  (fall course is GES130: Introduction to Sustainability Engagement for one credit and the spring course is GES330: Sustainability in Practice for 2-3 credits).
  • Participate in service learning and local volunteering opportunities
  • Move into the residence halls Sunday, August 14 
  • Attend training August 14-18 including an overnight retreat at the CSU Mountain Campus
  • Promote multiple student engagement campaigns and events at the same time
  • Gain knowledge on a variety of topics related to sustainability including social justice, the environment, and the economy
  • Application is required



Contact Tim Broderick
Assistant Director of Sustainability
Housing & Dining Services
(970) 491-3871