Whether you are a spouse or partner, a parent, an international student, or new to the Fort Collins area, Apartment Life is committed to providing you with the necessary information and resources to make your experience at CSU a success.

Youth and their Family

In the family apartment areas at Colorado State University there are many activities designed for children of all ages. Apartment Life has two youth programmers on staff in each family area to work with the children, providing educational and fun activities in a friendly environment.

Childcare Facilities

On Campus

Off Campus

Health Services

The CSU Health Network offers a variety of services:

  • Medical, Dental, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Counseling, Health Education & Prevention

International Student Care Coordinators

  • Staff members that especially enjoy working with international students
  • Provide assistance in using the American health care system
  • Work to address your health care concerns, answer questions and connect you to relevant resources
  • Learn more about Coordinators

English Language Classes

Moving to a new country can be difficult enough without the added worry of whether you can speak the language. Here at CSU, we want both you and your spouse or partner to succeed. Apartment Life takes the welfare of our residents very seriously and that includes everyone, not just the student! That is why we offer English language classes for those of you who are more comfortable learning English in a less formal environment.

Apartment Life English Classes

  • Offered at Aggie and University Village weekly (FREE)
  • Improve your confidence and knowledge of the English language
  • Catch up with friends and meet new members of your community

INTO Colorado State University

Academic English
A program designed to prepare students for university study. Students will take classes in:

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Test Preparation

General English
A program designed for students of all levels of English who want to improve communication skills and learn about the American culture.

Learn more about INTO CSU

Safety and Security

Fort Collins, Colorado State University, and the University Apartments take pride in promoting safe communities for students, families, and children.

Residents' safety is very important to us and we have worked hard to ensure that all residents feel safe in their homes.

  • Areas surrounding the apartments are well lit
  • Staff are on duty 24 hours a day
  • Community Service Officers patrol the apartment complexes on a regular basis
  • The Safe Walk program through the CSU Police Department is available for all residents

Safety Resources

  • Fire Safety Information
  • RamRide: safe-ride program provided by ASCSU that offers free, safe, nonjudgmental rides to CSU students to improve safety in the community
  • Women and Gender Advocacy Center: tips on how to be safe on/off campus and how to feel safe in different situations
  • CSU Police Department: information about bicycle safety, domestic violence, alcohol and drug issues, crime prevention and reporting
  • City of Fort Collins: safety and security issues, police services, and programs in the Fort Collins community

Spouse and Partner Activities

Apartment Life organizes many programs and activities for all of its residents.
Learn more about Apartment Life Activities

International Women’s Orientation

A free program for women spouses and partners held in Late August that covers the following issues:

  • Childcare, safety, volunteer opportunities, and culture shock

Women’s Clubs and English Classes

  • Held weekly at University Village and Aggie Village
  • Touch base with friends and meet new ones

Children’s Activities

  • International Children’s Carnival
  • Halloween Children’s Carnival
  • Youth Clubs
  • Sports Days


The city of Fort Collins and the CSU campus offer a variety of transportation options for residents. Most residents of the city use automobiles as their primary form of transportation. However, other options exist for those who either choose not to drive one or do not own an automobile.

Bicycles prevail on CSU’s campus, as they are the most efficient method of transportation.

Bus System
Fort Collins has a bus system with routes that operate throughout the day and early evening.

  • Most routes begin service at 6:30 a.m. (0630) and end at 6:30 p.m. (1830)
  • Buses run to a variety of parks, libraries, city government buildings, and shopping districts
  • Cost is $1.25 per ride (for non-students); discounted passes may be purchased for frequent riders
  • Full-time students can use this service for free with their RamCard


Fort Collins

  • Downtown Fort Collins: Shops selling clothes, items for your home, sports equipment, and other necessities
  • Front Range Village (East Harmony Road): a mix of stores, restaurants, and entertainment as well as the Council Tree Public Library
  • Foothills Mall (College Avenue): shopping mall that is currently under renovation



Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way to make connections with others, learn new skills, and utilize old ones, and make a positive difference in your community.


Apartment Life

Resident volunteers make significant contributions to the hundreds of programs that occur each year and could not exist without the help of volunteers.

Larger Programs

  • World Fest, Aggie Bash, and International Children's Festival

Resident-initiated and run programs

  • Ping-Pong Night, Tastes & Sights Series, and Language Classes

To volunteer or get more information contact the Office of Central Programs in the Palmer Center at (970) 491-4755 or your Community Coordinator.

Colorado State University

The Student Leadership, Involvement and Community Engagement (SLiCE) office has listings of volunteer opportunities throughout campus and the community.

City of Fort Collins

The community-wide organization, First Call can connect residents wishing to volunteer in the community with organizations that align with their personal interests.

Laundry Services

Your RamCard can be used to do laundry in any machine in the university apartment complexes.

  • One load of laundry is $1.25 per wash and $1.25 per drying cycle
  • To use a machine, you must put money on your RamCash account

Laundry Resources